Have a Cold, Flu or Sinus Problems? Wash Your Nose Out!


You wash your hair, face and take a bath every day. Have you considered rinsing out your nose as well? If you suffer from hay fever, allergies, frequent colds, sinus infections or general stuffiness of the nose, you may want to consider the ancient yogic practice of Jala Neti.

What’s Jala Neti?

Simply put it’s washing your nose out with salt water. You use a small pot called a Neti pot and some salt or saline solution. You then pour it through your nose and let it wash away all the dust, dirt and allergens that you’ve been breathing in. Sounds weird?

Now lest you think that this is some new age mumbo jumbo or old folk remedy, I’ll have you know that doctors do recommend this to their patients as well. When I had a sinus infection besides the antibiotic nose drops, the doctor also gave me a large syringe (no needle!) and some saline solution. He then instructed me to use the syringe and saline solution to rinse out my sinuses twice a day! In modern practice this is known as nasal irrigation.

Your nose is an advanced filter with hair, mucus membranes and other mechanisms in place to help filter through the air that you breathe. In todays polluted environment, sometimes we breathe in more particles than we can handle and our body’s natural air filter gets clogged up. When this happens we suffer from nasal issues like blocked or runny noses, sinus irritation and many others.

A simple rinse of your nasal passages once a day can help cleanse your airways and help you on the path to breathing easy. All you need is a small tea pot / neti pot and some salt / saline solution. Some companies like NeilMed, have made it simple for you to get started: they provide a starter pack with the neti pot and pre-packed saline sachets.

How Do I Use A Neti Pot?

  • Get a neti pot or a small teapot
  • Mix in your premix sachet or dissolve one teaspoon of salt in 200ml of water
  • Lean over a sink and place the spout of the neti pot / teapot into one nostril
  • Gently lean your head (and the pot!) to the opposite direction
  • Breath normally through your mouth
  • The water should begin to flow from your opposite nostril
  • Repeat the process with the other nostril
  • You may rinse out each nostril once or twice

How Often Should I Perform Jala Neti?

A rinse or two once a day will be sufficient unless you’re having a cold or flu. You don’t want to do this too often as you can irritate your nasal lining if you wash it too often.

I Don’t Know, That Seems Complicated…

Well, NeilMed has a nifty little video that shows you how to do it. It’s embedded below for your viewing pleasure.


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