Pamper Yourself : 5 Steps to Enjoying a Great Bath


For those with busy jobs and families, bath time can be a respite from a constantly ringing phone or screaming children. To make the most of this, your time bathing should be peaceful, nourishing and invigorating. It is a great time to pamper yourself.

Unfortunately, with our busy lives, taking a bath has become less of a thing to savour and more of a necessity to help us stay clean and cool. While there is something to be said of taking quick showers – it definitely saves on precious water –  the occasional leisurely bath is perhaps a quick and easy luxury that most of us can afford to indulge in.

Even if you don’t have a bathtub, you can easily transform your shower experience into a stress melting, meditative occasion. You can make changes by using natural scented soaps, lighting candles, and most importantly, taking your time.

 Here are some simple steps to make the most of your bath time.

1. Play some music
Easy listening music can instantly put you in a calmer mood but make sure the radio is a safe distance from your bathtub or shower.

2. Turn your bath time into an olfactory escape
Scent is key in your bathroom. Most bath products are scented because we can appreciate nice smells. It lifts our spirits and reinvigorates.Try lighting scented candles or essential oil burners when showering. Use natural scented soaps to heal yourself inside out with aromatherapy while bathing.Adding drops of essential oils to your bath water can also work wonders.

3. Dim the lights
The last thing we want when trying to relax is harsh fluorescent lighting. Dimming the lights help or better yet, turn off the lights completely. Light some candles and bathe in the warm natural glow of candlelight.

4. Don’t skimp on bath products
Your skin is the biggest organ of your body and will absorb everything you lather on it. Avoid harsh chemical laden bath products. Opt for natural handmade artisanal  soaps and organic shampoos. Not only are they better for your skin, they are better for the environment as well.

5. Enjoy being in the moment
Finally, take it upon yourself to switch off your brain for a while. Let go of thoughts about work and family completely and surrender into the moment. Try feeling the sensation of the water against your skin and breathe in the sweet scents around you. Close your eyes and imagine yourself underneath a magnificent waterfall. Relax and just enjoy the experience!

Living better means taking the time to care for yourself. No matter how busy your life is, one can always find minutes in the day to utterly and completely let go.

So, the next time you jump in the bath, take a deep breath and savour it.


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