7 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Organic Vegetables


I am not the gardening type.

My cactus died after 2 weeks and my mum-in-law now runs my back garden out of frustration for my lack of gardening abilities (i objected but to no avail)

However, I was determined to grow my own tomatoes. Not that i loved tomatoes that much, but more so because of all the bad things I’ve heard about how much pesticides are applied to our vegetables in order that they stay aesthetically pleasing. This was my first step to eating organic vegetables.

Here are seven tips I’ve picked up through my tomato-growing experience on why we should grow (or at least try) our own vegetables.

1. Bragging rights
With my tomatoes (I finally managed to harvest five beauties before my plant died), I was confident to say to my neighbors (and mum in-law) that they were 100% ORGANIC!

2. You can be sure it is pesticide free
It was strange to notice that my tomatoes didn’t look as good as those from supermarkets. It was also a daily struggle to keep pests and insects at bay. Those in the know told me that it’s because I did not use any pesticides.

3. You get a sense of achievement
For those of you who have not grown anything for your own consumption before (me included until now), let me tell you that there is a great sense of fulfillment and satisfaction the day you pluck those fruits from the branches and consume them on the dinner table.

4. It gives us more motivation to eat our vege’s.
If you are anything like me, your diet would seriously lack the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables. With my own tomatoes I had no problems even eating them (even raw!) especially when they were fruits (literally) of my own labor.

5. It can be a beneficial hobby
Growing your own vegetables takes effort and energy. It gives you a great way to exercise and work at something outside the living room and away from your couch in front of the TV. Besides physical activity, you can also say that you are doing your part for the environment.

6. It is a great way to re-use your pee!
Grow your own vegetables (by Lee Chew Kang, check out the book review here), is the book where i obtained most of my information on growing vegetables from. What i love about this book is that it is catered to our local (Malaysian) conditions. The author details growing local vegetables (e.g. Kangkung, Okra etc.) including a brief on how to use our pee as an effective and time-proven fertilizer (quite common in our culture).
Note: If you want to try this at home, your urine MUST be mixed with water in order to be used effectively as a fertilizer.

7. It is really FUN
I came back everyday after work and headed straight to my tomato plants. It was nice seeing them grow and was a great way to work on a project with my wife and kids. It was interesting doing research on gardening techniques and was a real learning experience for me.

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