A Personal Story : Zero to 20kg Weight Loss Tips That Never Fails


Did you notice how weight creeps up on you? And your fitness just slips quietly away without you noticing?

I sure didn’t until one fateful morning. One morning, I woke up, swung off my bed, put my feet on the ground and… OUCH!
My feet hurt! What the hey? I thought I must have slept on them wrong or something. Unfortunately this kept up for a week. So I decided it was time for a medical opinion.

My doctor took a look and told me it was plantar fasciitis. An inflammation of the tissues at the bottom of the feet. He prescribed some painkillers and told me that it would go away.

It did. Then it came back again a month later. Back to the doctor, I went.

This time he gave it to me straight. Plantar fasciitis is caused mainly by placing too much weight on the feet. If you’re a dock worker or a manual laborer carrying lots of heavy equipment then it can cause plantar fasciitis.

But I was an office worker! I was at a computer all day! What that meant was… I was too FAT! I was too heavy for my own feet!
Well, of course I was. From 70kg I had ballooned up to 105kg! From a 34 inch waistline, I was now pushing 40 inch! Of course this didn’t happen overnight. It sneaks up on you. In my case it was over the course of just 4 years.

From an active student I had become a sedentary worker. I was good at my job too, putting in loads of hours. Snacking and eating large meals became the norm and with the hours I was putting in, I had no time to exercise.

Now, here I was at 105kg and a 40 inch waistline. The plantar fasciitis was a jarring wake up call. I was either going to have to put up with the pain, take painkillers all the time or lose the weight.

My doctor put me on a weight loss program, being a doctor of course she had to prescribe something. In my case it was the weight loss drug, Reductil (sibutramine).

I was monitored for the first two weeks and… my weight didn’t change at all! My doctor then told me told me something else that shook me up: the drug wasn’t a miracle drug. It helped by reducing the hunger pangs but if I didn’t change my habits by eating less and working out more, it wouldn’t do any good at all!

I guess that was when I decided to start taking things into my own hands. I read up on diets and weight loss. I bought books and started researching on the internet.

I worked out the caloric requirements and dropped it by 500 calories a day. I signed up with FitDay (a free food tracking website) and started logging my food intake religiously to ensure that I ate only the budgeted amount of calories. I ate six small meals spread out through the day rather than 3 big ones.

Most importantly I started to exercise. Now from what I had learned I knew that consistency was more important than intensity for beginners. Plus I didn’t want to workout too hard and hurt myself. Hey, I was 105kg and I already had plantar fasciitis to deal with!

I didn’t really want to spend on a gym membership as well, so I decided to go with the most simple form of exercise possible: walking.

Every night after dinner, I walked. Normally after dinner would be TV and Internet time but I decided that I had to sacrifice that for the sake of my own health.

I started out with a slow walk for an hour a day. Just around my housing area, with a walkman to keep me company.

After a week I decided to up the intensity and walk faster.

A week after that, I extend my walks by 30mins.

At the end of it all, I was brisk walking for 2hrs a night!

This isn’t a miracle story. It took me 8 months to come down to 80kg. I had to buy a whole new wardrobe!

I wish I could say that was the end of it but it’s not. No fairy tale ending here. I found a new job with a new company… and you know what that means. More hard work and no time to exercise! My weight went back up to 85kg.

After I had settled in at my new position, I decided to lose that 5kg again. I signed up with a gym, laced up my running shoes, watched my food intake… and guess what? I brought my weight back down to 80kg again!

I’ve kept my weight at that level for about 3 years. Unfortunately, I had another job change recently and it’s been disrupting my schedule. I can feel my pants getting a bit tighter and I’m afraid to step on the scale!

But you know what? I’m not worried. I know what to do and I know I can do it.

Time to head back to the gym!

Why Am I Sharing This Story With You?

If you’re here reading this blog, you’re a fitness enthusiast or perhaps a person looking to lose some weight or get in shape.
I’m sharing my story here to encourage you. To let you know that it’s not all that difficult or complicated. To let you know that YOU can do it too.

Maybe you can’t seem to lose the weight. Or maybe you’ve lost weight before but put it back on again. Hey, I know how you feel!
What I’m here to tell you is that you CAN do it. If you’re armed with the right information and you put in a bit of effort, YOU can do it too.

I’m not a personal trainer, I’m not an athlete. I have a full time job at a local company. I love nasi lemak and char kuey tow. I have the occasional beer with friends. I’m just an ordinary person like you.

If I can do it, you can too. Here’s to a better you!

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