5 Tips For A Green BBQ


You don’t get a more environmentally unfriendly party than when you barbecue. Think about it: you’re consuming fossil fuels, generating heat and garbage and then you’re going to dump all that grease back into the ecosystem.

Below are some tips to reduce your impact on the ecosystem when you do decide to fire the grill up!

1) Use recycled or plastic plates
Don’t go for the paper plates! Think of the trees! Get reusable plastic plates. If you really hate washing up, you can opt for the disposable plates that are made from recycled material.

2) Wash up with environmentally friendly detergants
If you’re going to be using reusable plates and cups (good on you!), then use eco-friendly detergents for washing up.

3) Use a gas grill
Now, this isn’t really possible here in Malaysia. We’re not a grilling nation so we only barbecue on occasion and when we do, it’s charcoal all the way. If you’re a regular barbecuer and frequently host barbecues in your garden consider getting a gas-fired grill. Gas-fired grills are more eco-friendly than charcoal grills.

4) Time your grilling
Don’t wast the heat (and precious fuels!) once you’ve gotten your grill up to grilling temperature, toss your meats on the grill and cook them. Don’t cook, talk, eat and then cook some more. Do all your cooking and once and then take your time to eat and enjoy. You’ll use less fuel that way.

5) Watch the mess
Parties are fun but we tend to generate much more garbage then we should. Watch out for your disposables, try to use containers and picnic mats and other reusable products rather than plastic sheets, newspaper and garbage bags that will only be thrown away once the party end.





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