Bored at the Gym? Try GX Classes!


What do you do at the gym? When I first joined I spent my time on the cross trainer, spinning away while I watched the TV screen in front of me. Later I graduated to the rowing machine, the cycling machine, the stepper and the treadmill.

After a while though, it got boring. I got to the gym in the morning, stepped on the cross trainer for an hour while watching CNN. Sometimes, I’d head to the other machine as well but in general that was all my gym cardio consisted of. I got tired of the routine and started to dread going to the gym.

If this sounds like you… then it’s time to stop what you’re doing and head to the GX studio.

What’s GX?
GX stands for Group eXercise and are instructor led group workouts set to music. They’re held in a GX studio usually with a raised platform so you can see the instructor.

What Sort of Exercises Are There In GX Classes?
Oh loads! There are step classes which utilize a step board on which you step up and down. There’s indoor cycling classes, known as spinning. There are aerobic workouts, workouts with weights, martial arts based classes and many different dance based classes. Also popular are the various Yoga classes.

Chances are your gym will offer one or more GX Classes as follows:

RPM – an indoor cycling class, where you spin away on your bike accompanied by music
BodyPump – a fast moving weight lifting class focusing on strength
BodyCombat – an aerobic workout utilizing fighting moves
BodyAttack – a fast paced aerobic workout, this ain’t your mom’s Jane Fonda!
BodyStep – a step platform based work out with challenging moves
BodyJam – a dance-based cardio workout for all you dancers out there
BodyBalance – a calm slow paced class of mixed Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi-inspired movements
BodyVive – a low impact class utilizing resistance bands and an inflatable ball

Your gym may offer one or more of the classes above and may provide others too.

How Do I Get Started In GX Classes?
Speak to your gym manager. There are usually introduction classes for beginners. Even if there aren’t any introductory classes, you can just attend any class. Simply introduce yourself to the instructor before the class begins and let them know that it’s your first class. They’ll run you through the basics and keep an eye out for you during the class.

Don’t be shy! Everyone in the class was a beginner once and we’re all there together in our journey to health and fitness.

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