Guide To Goal Setting Without Getting Delusional


Few of us were skeptical and questioned the need to only set goals at year end and also the effectiveness of it. We know that most people drop their goals and give up within the first 2 weeks of the new year.

Here’s our version of an uncommon guide to getting what you really want.

Set A Declaration

The secret isn’t in setting goals nor is it in publicly announcing them. It’s in declaring a clear focused objective that we are very compelled to do. The declaration is really something that we are passionate about and hence we are automatically pulled towards it with minimal effort and discipline.

Think of the stuff that you like to do and you will realize that you are drawn to it naturally. You do not need to actively think about it or remind yourself.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life – Confucius

Want to lose weight? Why not stand in front of the mirror, naked and really look at the bits that frighten the family. Or perhaps binge on your favourite foods in front of a bunch of naked fat people.

Compelling is a powerful word in goal setting and it works.

Beware of Delusion

Setting goals, being positive and hoping as hard as possible is really like being delusioned. Affirmation without action is delusion.

Discipline of action maybe a bad word to many but discipline is also power in the sense that when we have discipline, we know we can do anything, anytime (without procrastinating).

Power is the speed in which we can turn an idea into reality.

How To Be Lazy and Still Get There

Remember Vilfredo Pareto? Vilfredo is the Italian Economist who pioneered the 80/20 principle.
With only 20% of effort , it is possible to achieve the 80% of results.

This is ultimate cause and effect. Don’t sweat the small stuff and think big. Think catalytic efforts or projects that have domino effects to help you achieve big results in a shortest possible time.

Let’s focus on the more simple but highly effective efforts that deliver the biggest results.Fast.

The Untold Story

All achievers and successful people have failed and failed very often. Failure is the stepping stone and learning curve to success. If we are unable to manage frustrations, set backs and failures then in all likelihood we will give up at the early stages.

Don’t find fault, find a remedy, anybody can complain – Henry Ford

Mr. Rocky Balboa had approached close to a thousand producers before he managed to secure his first film. And the initial producers had requested that he did not star in the movie due to his ‘attractiveness’.

How far would you have gone?

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