Change for Life : The Brief On Why You Can Do The Impossible


Have you ever had a strong desire to do something you have always wanted to? It could be a desire to run a marathon, make a million bucks, get a pay raise, meeting that new person or even quiting a soul destroying job.

Then is all happens – The naysayers and your mind plays tricks on you. Instead of planning ‘How’ to do it, we find reasons of ‘Why’ it will not work. Sound common? Life is Difficult.

Or is it?

The point is that we only have one life and the reality is that we will all die (eventually).

So really, why bother even dwelling that life is difficult? Wouldn’t it be possible or better that we make our life an Extra-ordinary rather than an Ordinary one right now?

After all we only have one life. Will we foolish or ignorant enough to leave it all to chance?

It makes no sense to dwell in the difficult and leave our life to chance.

Let’s try this instead – Live our life and live it rich.

Many have chosen to take charge and step up. And they have succeeded with bountiful results and explosive wealth. How about you? Now do you want to lament and complaint or do you want to claim your riches and really live?

“Get Rich or Die Trying” – 50 Cent

What would you do if you knew you could not fail?

In the late 1800, Thomas Edison the creator of the incandescent light bulb had tried and failed more than 6,000 times before finally succeeding with the first light bulb the world had seen. Imagine what a world of darkness we will be living in if he had not dreamt the impossible and had given up easily.

How many times would you try to succeed before you gave up?

I was once asked, “How many times would you let a baby try to walk before you gave up?”

The point is this – Don’t stop trying until you have succeeded. You will be get there.

Some great minds have said that to be very successful does not mean being satisfied or contented with only a little. No one should be satisfied with a little since that he or she is actually fully equipped with the capabilities of using and enjoying so much more. The purpose of life is to grow and improve life. Therefore everyone should have it all that can contribute to the power, elegance and richness of life. To be satisfied or contented with little or less is an absolute waste. And wasting is wrong.
There is abundant wealth everywhere and we are showing up with our tea spoons.

We must realize that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to get successful.  The intention to get successful is really a desire to have a richer, more complete, abundant and well rounded life. Now that is very deserving of praise.

What are you waiting for?

A great visionary once said that life is of reducing options. Specifically he meant that as we grew older, our options are reduced. Take an example of a child who has dreams of becoming someone significant. He could dream of becoming a pilot, an engineer, a doctor or even a rockstar. However as he grew older he realizes that he did not make the grades or skills to become any one of those. His options for his career have reduced. He then starts to pursue a degree in law. Now his career options are even further limited. He finds the love of his life and then decides to get married and have children. They find an ideal home and decide to buy it but only to realize that the home is too far from their children’s school – Another limiting option. The list goes on.

The point is that many things in life are outside of our circle of influence – out of our control. The moment we do not have direction, we further leave our lives to chance and our options are reduced.  Maybe that is why many claim life is suffering.

Let’s try this instead:

Set an Impossible Goal. (To qualify that, set an impossible goal within the realm of reality)

Why, what in the world for and I have no time??

When we set an impossible goal, we are in effect breaking out of our current ‘perceived’ reality. Our reality is defined in our interpretation of a situation. If you think it is bad, it is bad. If you see opportunity you will see just that.

When we define an impossible future, we are creating a future that we want. We are not reacting to our environment but rather being proactive by taking control and directing a situation.

And the simple step of taking action towards  a desired future is the process of making it into reality. If you take simple daily action, you are in effect transferring your dream into reality.

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in tyring to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man”
George Bernard Shaw

By creating an impossible reality that we want, we further create and open up opportunities that we would have never realized if we left our lives to chance.

But not everything is within our control?

Then why worry over what you can’t control? All you need to do is to do all you can possibly do and leave the rest to whatever you choose to believe in (God, Feng Shui, Luck, Fate, Destiny, you name it)

But How?

There is a wealth of information out there. We are blessed with the Internet, books and people who have already succeeded.

If you are truly lazy and want to really make it simple, all you need to do is just pick someone who has succeeded and follow exactly what he or she has done. All the steps have been laid out for you. You just need to simply copy. Why reinvent the wheel?
There is a law in life that if you follow exactly the methods used by someone already successful, your results will be similar if not exactly the same.

Who cares if we failed?

In the very first place this was an impossible goal that you have set for yourself, just like creating the first light bulb or aircraft for that matter. It is so impossible that even if we failed everyone would forgive us. But we tried and we are a million times ahead now (and we also stand a stronger chance of succeeding).

If someone said “I would like to fly from London to New York in under 6 hours” But said this in the 1600’s.

Everyone would have called that person mad.

Who really are the mad ones?

Now would you be mad if you said you were going to be a millionaire in 1 year when there are already so many successful millionaires who did just that?

Life is not difficult. Difficult are really people with limiting beliefs and vision – hence their self inflicted suffering and poverty.

There are options in any situation. It is just a simple question of whether we are willing to see it.

Let’s really live. Don’t waste it all away.

All you have to do is:

1. Realize that wealth is all around for your taking

2. Throw out all your limiting thoughts. Why carry bad limiting thoughts when they do you absolutely no good.

3. Believe that anything is possible. There is evidence all around us.

4. Set your own impossible goal.

5. Learn from successful people and just do it.

But do it now.

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