No Man Is An Island


Why it’s important to nurture our connections – to ourselves, to our loved ones, and to the world we live in.

We live in an increasingly connected world. Ever plugged-in, we rely on our gadgets as if they were extensions of our own bodies, using them to interact with, understand, and perceive the world around us.

With the advancement of technology, we have access to more people, information, and tools than ever before. And yet, we are growing increasingly disconnected – to ourselves, the people around us, and the earth.

In the last 45 years suicide rates have increased by 60% worldwide, placing suicide among the leading three causes of death among those aged 15-44.

Divorce rates keep growing as family units fracture and children grow up not knowing their parents.

We hear about the destruction we have inflicted on this planet we call home – but beyond the facts, figures and political agendas, we see with our own eyes and experience with our own bodies the damaging changes in our favorite holiday spots, the air we breathe, and the food we eat.

Many of us sense intuitively that something is wrong with the way we lead our lives. We may have greater connectivity… but are we really connecting?

If we look around and ask ourselves what drives people, it’s not hard to conclude that behind all the technology and quests for acquisitions, people are searching for meaning and purpose in life. We want to know that our lives have made some sort of difference, and that we matter and count for something.

Could it be that this meaning is found not in more connections, but deeper ones?

Could it be that a more profound, wholesome understanding of how we fit – into our bodies, our families, our communities, and our world – empowers us to shape, nurture and grow all the above?

Could it be that we gain this understanding not by experiencing the world through a screen but through engaging in it, fully and wholesomely, with our minds, bodies, and hearts?

Psychologist and speaker Dr. Jim Taylor believes so. He writes: “When I’m immersed in technology … I’m being productive and I’m being entertained, but not fully wrapped in the fabric of life.”

“Life is … experiencing the world with all of my senses, not just with my eyes and ears. It is about connecting with others in a substantial way. Life is about caring deeply about things that directly impact my world.”

What impacts your world? How can you care about and engage in those things more deeply?

In Part 2 of this post, we’ll explore some simple ideas for nurturing our connections. Stay tuned!


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