5 ways to sneak more exercise into your day


Let’s face it – we’re all pressed for time. But surely that’s no excuse for neglecting our health. These simple and affordable ideas will help you keep fit even with a busy schedule.

1. Take the stairs: By avoiding lifts and escalators, you’ll squeeze in a lot of legwork without even realizing it. That burst of activity will also help boost your metabolism and keep you alert in the middle of the day.

2. Turn your home into a gym: The time taken up commuting to the gym may be a tempting excuse to skip it. But with a vast array of workout videos available that require little or no equipment, you can work out at your convenience and in the privacy of your own home.

3. Skip yourself fit: Hang a skipping rope near the entrance to your house and do 50 skips each time you walk in and out of the door – it’ll only take a couple minutes each time, but will easily add up to hundreds of skips in a day!

4. Go food hunting: Instead of ordering delivery or take-away and sitting through the lunch hour at your desk, go for a walk and explore the variety of food available within walking distance.

5. Wake up earlier: It’s easier to brush aside exercise in the evening when you’re tired from a long day, but getting up early to squeeze in a jog or even just some light stretching can help you kick-start and stay energized throughout your day.


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