Don’t skimp on sleep: Why it’s important to get enough rest


When our schedules are packed and to-do lists pile up, sleep is often one of the first things to slide. But skipping snooze-time might affect your productivity and quality of life more than you realize.

Here are some reasons the restorative function of sleep is vital for our wellbeing:

Sleep keeps you in shape: A lack of sleep results in altered levels of hormones that regulate hunger, which can lead to overeating, weight gain, and obesity.

Sleep keeps you focused: When we’re deprived of sleep, our ability to concentrate wanes, reducing efficiency, alertness, and productivity, making us more prone to making mistakes.

Sleep helps you learn: When we sleep, memory consolidation takes place in the brain – meaning the different pieces of things we learned during the day come together coherently to enrich our web of knowledge.

Sleep keeps your body functioning: As we sleep, our bodies replenish themselves by secreting growth hormones, which assist with the healing of muscles and repairing general wear and tear in tissues, while neurons in the brain are refreshed with sugars to restore the brain with energy.

Sleep keeps the sniffles away: Adequate sleep each night is crucial to the functioning of the immune system, which is why after a late night you often find yourself with sinus problems and sniffles the morning after.

Sleep benefits your relationships: When our focus, health, and memory are affected by lack of sleep, this will inevitably affect our relationships with those around us. Conversely, when we’re well rested, we become more stable individuals with the ability to maintain healthy relationships.

Instead of giving yourself the excuse that you’ll catch up on sleep over the weekend (which probably won’t happen), make scheduling in enough rest every night a priority!

Reference: Psychology Today

Image: Attribution Some rights reserved by Florin Gorgan

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