Give to others, give to yourself: The benefits we reap from doing someone else a good turn


We’ve all been taught the importance of being kind to others as a way to care for and show respect to the people around us. But perhaps less talked about are the good turns we do our own selves when we practice such acts of kindness. How does giving to others ultimately benefit us?

1. Being nice helps you build a good reputation. Want to be seen as reliable and want opportunities to come your way? Those things don’t happen overnight – they come with being known as a trustworthy and genuine person.

2. Being nice makes you feel good. People who do something good for someone else often report experiencing a rush, or a pleasant, calming feeling. When you’re motivated by unselfish concern for others, your body tends to release endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers.

3. Being nice helps you grow. Often, doing someone a good turn requires a little effort, initiative, and perhaps getting out of our comfort zone. All these things challenge our perspectives, habits, and attitudes towards life, and ultimately help us grow and develop ourselves.

4. Being nice boosts your self-confidence. Knowing you’re capable of making life better for someone else gives you a sense of ability and achievement, and of knowing that you’ve made a difference – what you’ve done counts.

5. Being kind to others cultivates gratefulness. Once we know what it means to lend a helping hand to someone, we become more thankful for the times helping hands have been extended to us. And when we help others who are struggling in areas we don’t have to, instead of comparing ourselves to those who seem better off, we become more thankful for all the things we do have.

6. Being kind to others takes your focus off your problems. We all face challenges – but helping someone else tackle theirs can keep us from fixating on our own and may even give us different perspectives and ways by which to solve them.

7. Being nice to others helps you feel more connected. Ultimately, when we do something nice for someone, we’re becoming involved in their lives and acknowledging that we are all part of the same thing, and we need each other.

What is the one kind deed you can do for someone today?
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