The power of influence


Influence is a subtle little thing with big implications. On a daily basis, we are constantly influencing and being influenced.

Virtually all our thoughts and actions are based on some form of outside influences. Catalysts like a simple smile or bad service at a restaurant trigger our internal emotions, which in turn affects our behaviour towards those around us.

The question is not how influenced we are, but what we are being influenced by.

Neither is it how much we are influencing others, but what we are influencing others with.

Many people view being easily influenced as a weakness or a threat to their innate personality. But look at geniuses and creative mavericks everywhere and you’ll find they thrive on the influence of others.

The unique perspectives, strengths, and ideas of other people don’t have to detract from your own but rather stimulate and further develop it.

On the other hand, many people are afraid to share too much of themselves for fear of being judged, criticised, or copied. Their passions and skills become things that are guarded carefully and hoarded for themselves.

And they miss out on the joy that comes from collaborating on common interests and watching that passion grow into something bigger than it would have been if kept to one’s self.

By being conscious that we are constantly giving and receiving influence – either negatively or positively, either in a fearful, selfish way or a free, generous way – we can take steps to ensure that the influence we allow in our lives is the kind that will allow us to grow.

There is no escaping influence. By embracing it, we can allow the influence of others to shape us as we shape our world through our influence – for the better.

Image: Some rights reserved by egorick

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