Keep in shape during the holidays


Tips to stay in shape through the feasting and festivity!

Be flexible – Just because you don’t have the time fit in your regular hour-long workout on weekdays doesn’t mean you have to skip exercise completely. Do 15 minutes every day if that’s all you can fit in, and rack up extra activity minutes by taking the stairs or walking out for lunch during your day.

Indulge in moderation – Attempting to resist the array of Christmas goodies and festive treats will more likely than not end up in binge eating. So allow yourself to indulge – but give yourself a predetermined limit. Decide beforehand that you will eat just two chocolates instead of losing track of how many you have consumed.

Bond over activity – The holidays are when loved ones come together from far and near, so why not use this opportunity to plan some bonding time that involves physical activity? Go on a hike, go ice-skating, play paintball or laser tag, or even just go for a walk and picnic in the park.

Multitask – Holiday celebrations usually involve a lot of preparation and planning, so whether you’re wrapping gifts, talking on the phone, or preparing ingredients in the kitchen, use that time to squeeze a few reps of simple exercises like calf raises.

Plan ahead – When you have a solid goal in mind, you are more likely to stick to it. Tell yourself now that “I will not go for seconds”, “I will fit in at least 20 minutes of activity into my day”, and “I will plan a family outing to _____” and visualize yourself achieving those goals, and you’ll be well on your way to keeping your waistline in check through the holidays.


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