50 simple New Year’s Resolutions to live better


There’s no “Run a marathon” in this list of New Year’s Resolutions. No lofty goals to visit all seven continents or income targets to hit. Rather, this list focuses on the simple, but important things in life. In the small changes we can all make, a day at a time, to live better. These resolutions don’t take much, but try a few of them, and you will probably find yourself reaping huge rewards.

In 2012, I will…

1. Talk less, listen more

2. Eat breakfast

3. Take more photos

4. Create more memories

5. Reserve weekends for family and things that matter to me

6. Appreciate nature

7. Watch clouds

8. Make new friends

9. Learn something new

10. Pursue a passion

11. Forgive someone

12. Be more thankful

13. Fall in love

14. Tell someone I love them

15. Get rid of clutter lying around

16. Give to someone in need

17. Treat myself to a bubble bath

18. Make my bed

19. Participate

20. Visit an art gallery or museum

21. Speak up

22. Try a new restaurant

23. Meet someone new from a different country

24. Hold the door open for others

25. Take a deep breath

26. Avoid drama

27. Dress well

28. Stick to commitments

29. Learn to say ‘no’

30. Learn to simplify

31. Talk to children

32. Make a paper airplane or kite with a child

33. Dance

34. Call an old friend up

35. Leave work at the office

36. Sleep early

37. Buy a meal for someone

38. Host a reunion with old friends

39. Talk to your parents more

40. Take the stairs, not the escalator

41. Recycle

42. Laugh more

43. Tell a joke

44. Feel less guilty

45. Not beat myself up over resolutions I didn’t fulfil

46. Give my best

47. Ask someone for help

48. Lend a helping hand

49. Write to someone I admire

50. Talk less, do more

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