How to be more sociable


Tips to help you get out of your comfort zone and make more connections:


Make eye contact. This is one of the hardest challenges for naturally shy people, but once overcome, everything else will be a breeze.

Make the first move. Go up and talk to the other person sitting alone rather than waiting to see if he / she will talk to you. Invite friends out rather than wait to be invited out.

Invite people into your life. Speed up getting to know someone by giving them a context to get to know you in. Introduce your friends to one another, or invite a new friend along to your regular activities, be it sports, volunteering, mamak sessions, and so on. This makes the relationship less surface-level and one-dimensional.

Prioritise others. The golden rule applies: If you want to be prioritised, make others a priority. Accept people’s invitations or decline them politely and with valid reasons. Make the time to be there for them. Show up for appointments on time. Keep your promises.

Give people a chance. Often, we don’t get to know as many people because we assume that certain people “are not my type.” So hold judgment and give people a chance – you might find that you have more in common than you would expect from first impressions!

Be positive. Just as nothing keeps people away like someone who always has something to complain about, people flock to those who exude vibrancy and a good attitude. This doesn’t mean you have to be Little Miss Sunshine all the time; just make sure you don’t overwhelm others with pessimism and negativity!

Make the distinction between creating and building relationships. Both are important. Forming new connections is a vital part of life, and occasionally, as old friends leave, being sociable means getting out and meeting new people. Cultivating and nurturing existing relationships, on the other hand, are completely different, and they require consistency and regular effort. So make the effort to follow-up and constantly get to know the people in your life on a deeper level beyond the surface, starting today.

Image: Some rights reserved by Zerok

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