Raw Food Diet


No time to cook? Go raw!

For many of us, we tend to stray away from landing our hands in the kitchen because we simply have “no time” to cook. Well, here’s a tip: try a raw-food diet!

In a nutshell, a raw-food diet is basically eating at least 70% of raw food in your daily diet, be it in the form of vegetables, meat, fish, nuts or fruits. Some people go the extra mile and turn it in to a lifestyle, while some people use it as a method of detoxification, but if neither is your cup of tea, try incorporating it slowly into your meals and see noticeable results!

So what’s so good about a raw-food diet?

It increases your energy level. With the lack of sodium running in your blood stream and the sound of crisp lettuce at every bite, your body tends to work better and you will feel better. To put it into context, try eating salad for lunch instead of a plate of fried rice – it is more likely that you will feel sluggish and sleepy after eating the fried rice (carbs overload!) than salad.

It gives you better complexion. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, fresh nuts – all of the above are the essential nutrients your body needs to provide your skin with the necessary hydration and vitamins that cooked food cannot give because cooked food loses enzymes in the cooking process. Raw food is also known to detoxify your body thus, giving you clearer skin as an effect.

It acts as a natural weight loss tool. Yes, this is actually a bonus because most people who jump on the raw food bandwagon don’t intend to lose weight but simply want a healthier lifestyle. Because raw food mostly consists of food that has high-water content, it is usually low in calorie as well. On top of that, most raw food is also low in saturated and trans-fat – the svelte-body killers.

It reduces illness. Heart disease, diabetes, eczema and even cancer are known to be battled through a strict diet regime of raw food. Given the fact that raw food contains their original nutrients, it aids in building our bodies’ immunity, hence, providing a better shield and army to defend our body from diseases.

Here are some raw foods we highly recommend:

  • Fish – sashimi, cured fish, cold smoked, ceviche
  • Cheese
  • Nuts – almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Smoothies – blend your fruits and vegetables with some yogurt for a nice shot of energy!
  • Soups – gazpachos

Time is no longer an excuse so, give your body a treat and go raw once in a while. It might be a little challenging at first but trust us, it will be well worth it!




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