Organic Skin Food at Vitacare


Organic Skin Food @ Vitacare

The idea of organic food has been tossed around and widely adapted by many. What about organic skin food, then? At Vitacare, there are 3 names you should look out for if you are seeking for a natural remedy to all your skin predicaments.

1.     Trilogy

Hailing from New Zealand, Trilogy is an organic skincare brand that uses natural oils as one of their main ingredients such as Evening Primrose, Avocado and of course their signature Rosehip oil. Trilogy’s emphasis is largely on using natural plant extracts that is proven to aid in radiant and healthier skin. These natural plant properties has been said to do amazing things for the skin – all from what resources Mother Nature has already provided. Products range from body, facial, hair care and even products from men!

Try: Certified Organic Rosehip Oil concentrate. It is a great Trilogy product for reducing scars, wrinkles and stretch marks with no oily residue.

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2.     MooGoo

Personally, when I saw this product I was quickly drawn into it for its’ cutesy name and interesting product range. MooGoo is a dairy-based skincare brand from Australia that focuses on the relief of skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis as well as scalp problems. MooGoo is also an effective (and organic!) alternative to steroid-based creams with many healing and moisturizing properties. From shampoo to lotions, you can be sure to have skin and hair as smooth as butter.

 Try: Skin Milk Udder Cream. A light and easy moisturizing cream that is non-sticky or greasy with a faint milky scent.

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3.     Sukin

Sukin is another organic skincare product made in Australia that ensures the best and higest quality active botanicals, essential oils and natural ingredients used in all of their products – skin, hair and body care.  To differentiate itself, Sukin uses no harmful chemicals, synthetic scents, mineral oils or parabens as well as animal derivatives.

Try: Protein Shampoo. A nourishing shampoo made with rice, wheat, kiwi, nettle and horsetail extract promotes the volume and health of hair.

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Organic products have proven themselves to be effective in the most natural way with absolutely no side-effects. So, drop by Vitacare today and try them out!

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