How to eat healthy (and still indulge!) for the festive Hari Raya season


The season for copious amount of food is here again! All those savory lemang, rendang and juicy chicken satay spread across the dinner table waiting to be feasted upon. Ah, not forgetting the smell of sweet coconut milk rice and curry. How is it possible for you to refuse it? How can you resist?!

Don’t worry; even amidst the jolly season of Hari Raya, there are ways for you to stay healthy without depriving yourself from all those delicacies.

Eat lots of vegetables. While indulging full-force at all the hearty meats, don’t forget to eat your greens. Vegetables can help you balance your diet as well as keeping your weight in check. You know all those little cucumber and onion bits that come with nasi lemak and satay? Yup, eat those up! They’re not just for decoration!

Eat a little bit of everything! Just grab a plate and fill it up with a little bit of everything and set that amount to be what you are only going to eat for that particular meal. I find that it helps you recognize that whatever on your plate is all that you have without feeling greedy as well as being able to taste a little bit of everything! Not only is your weight watched but so is your cholesterol!

Fluids, fluids, fluids. Drink plenty of water to regulate your body’s temperature and blood to keep yourself from being dehydrated from too much salt intake as well as flushing out toxins.

Leave room for desserts. If you love desserts (like me), remember to always keep it in mind when you are eating – leaving a small dessert space. This will help prevent you from overeating and gaining that extra weight you have been crossing your fingers from. For dessert lovers, don’t say no to them, just leave room! Resistance is futile.

So, now you don’t have to fret about losing your dress size or feeling guilty about your meals – just enjoy! Have a great Hari Raya!



Image: Some rights reserved by Meutia Chaerani

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