Appreciating Traffic: Making most out of the rush hour


When you wake up in the morning, all we all want is a good cup of coffee and hopefully a nice drive to work to start our morning. However, in most of our cases, our morning routine usually involves a long stretch of cars lined up to similar destinations. Stress levels rise, blood pressure increases and heart rate palpitates. What a way to start the day, huh?

It is estimated that we spend at least 3 years of our lives waiting and at least 1 year is contributed by heavy traffic. What a waste of time, right? True, but humans are innovative creatures – why don’t we make the best of it while we are at it?

A car may be a confined space with almost zero things to do but there are ways that you can make it a tad bit more enjoyable. Here’s how:


1.     Listen to some new music

Traffic, personally, is the only time of the day whereby I can take some time off to seriously appreciate music. Burn yourself some new music or have someone do it for you, insert and play! You will find that immersing yourself in such activities and maybe singing along can ease the dread.


2.     Ponder, reflect or THINK!

For most of us, solidary can be an unattainable dream with work and studies at hand and we find ourselves complaining about the lack of “alone” time. Well, we don’t seem to realize that our daily traffic hours can actually be spent pondering about things and even thinking of new ideas rather than swearing at the driver who just swerved right in.


3.     Exercise your brain

What? How? Well, instead of sitting idly, you can always do a little bit of simple Math by adding or subtracting or just any method of calculation you prefer with the number plate of the car in front of you. Probably not the most exhilarating fun you can have but hey! More brain power for you!

Traffic is such a hassle for all of us but there are always two ways to look at something. Anything can be enjoyable with just a bit of creativity!


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