Yogurt: Our friendly neighbourhood bacteria


Semi-solid but sometimes frozen, yogurt is a best friend we should all have. Coming in so many variants and flavours – frozen, fruity, chocolate and whatnot – yogurt doesn’t just serve the purpose of pleasing our tongue but it does many other wonders to not just what lies inside our body but also outside.

So what is it about yogurt that is so good? Well, sit tight, you’re in for a real treat!


1. Yogurt is not good but GREAT for your immune system.

It may seem like a bit of an overstatement but frankly, I can testify that it’s true. Yogurt is essentially milk that has been fermented and it contains calcium, lactic acid, vitamin B, B-6, and B-12 as well as yeast and protein. All these in the bag, it really helps to boost your immune system to fight harmful bacteria in our body.


2. Yogurt is synonymous to better digestion.

Yup, they do come hand-in-hand most of the time and for a good reason too. Because yogurt has probiotics – beneficial live and active bacteria – it aids in filtering out unwanted microorganisms in our digestive tract that can infect our body. With that said, it will regulate our bowel movements helping our body to maintain a healthy cycle and even weight!


3. Yogurt is a magical skincare product.

I know how weird it is to apply food onto your skin but in this case, you should make an exception. Because yogurt has all the healthy enzymes, it really does wonders to your skin from giving it a natural glow to tightening pores. If you have any acne or blemishes, exfoliate it naturally with yogurt which is mild but highly effective. Just once every day and if you must you can even add honey, lemon juice or olive oil to the mixture for different uses and your skin will thank you for it. A simple, easy and economical skincare!


4. Yogurt is beneficial for your hair, too!

Food on your skin was weird enough and now on your hair too? Yup, this multi-functional snack is said to be a good conditioner cleanser – organic, gentle and 100% au natural. It helps in untangling knots, hair growth as well as giving it a better shine! If you like, you can even crack an egg into the yogurt and mix it into a paste to apply as a hair mask to prevent frizzy hair.


So there we go! Now you can eat up your yogurt knowing that the only consequence is a happier you!


Image: Some rights reserved by Love Maegan




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