Better Living Conditions: Let’s Start With the Environment


Global warming has slowly become an issue we deal with every day. You know it is affecting us because society has increased their vivacity in spreading the awareness and acting upon it. Green living, no plastic bag day and eco-parks, all these are planted for the benefit of a better living condition for all of us. Yet, some of us are still stuck in oblivion thinking that there are group segregations of environmentalist and the rest of the mass. People need to realize that what goes on in the environment directly affects us in every single way.


And that is why you should care about the environment.


I know most people think this situation is way more complex than it is but there are little things that we don’t realize we can do for the environment and in return improve our living conditions in the long run.

1. Limit the usage of air-conditioner


Seriously? No A/C? How do we live with it amidst our scalding hot tropical weather? Well, I admit I love my A/C but on days where the zephyr is at bay or when rain leaves us a beautiful evening breeze, let’s allow mother nature to show us what she’s got. If that isn’t working for you, using the timer would greatly help, too. People don’t realize that the reason why we need to use so much of the air-con is solely because well, we increased our usage in the first place!


2. Straitjacket your fridge-happy hands


Personally, I’m one of those who open the fridge knowing that I’m not going to find anything no matter how many times I re-open it and that’s bad, everybody. It takes the fridge approximately 4 minutes to regenerate the ideal temperature each time you open the fridge which means it will take up a lot of energy – multiply that by the number of times you open it hoping for magic and you have the equation for the exhaustion of our earth.


3. Recycle, of course


Now, when we talk about recycle, I don’t directly mean throwing your things according to what the symbol tells you but rather recreating your glass containers, plastic bottles and aluminum cans into an aesthetic feature of your home! Get creative and find ways to use the leftovers for something greater. Of course, you should still recycle but this is a more exciting option.


4. Switch to switch the switches


Making a change is almost as easy as flicking a switch and quite literally in this context, too. It is all about saving energy and if nobody is in the room, why bother with lights anyway? Saving energy can go a long way in the betterment of our living conditions not just for our today but for our tomorrows ahead. The best thing is you just have to move one finger and you are already making a difference.


5. Energy savers! Heroes of the light bulb


If switching off lights is a habit you can never cultivate, with our advanced technology, here is an option for you. If you can’t switch it off, how about switching the entire bulb altogether! Using energy-saving bulbs may be a costly investment initially, but the long haul is worth every penny spent. Not only will it save your electricity bill but it saves the environment and ultimately, saves you! Indeed our brightest hero.




The environment is not a foreign issue that is only happening in a secluded area in this world – it is happening within our own home. So, let’s take heed in saving the little energy that we can because with a better environment, we can definitely ensure better living conditions.


Image: by Pranav Prakash

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