5 Quick & Healthy Breakfast Ideas


According to popular belief, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and with no contrary, it is undoubtedly true. Because breakfast is the first meal, it is essentially the kick-starter of our day, fuelling our body with the necessary energy that we need for better concentration, mood and all-round better performance!

But let’s be real, who has the time to grab a quick bite let alone prepare a wholesome breakfast these days? A coffee at most, majority of us just wait with our growling stomach until lunch time and gorge ourselves with a giant plate of rice because “I didn’t have breakfast so that’s okay”.

Not only is this unhealthy for your body but it may cause you to overeat and gain extra pounds. It’s a difficult problem for most of us time-constraint city-dwellers but I know just how to help you!

Here are 5 quick and healthy breakfasts that you can whip up and eat up really quickly:

1. Grapefruit

This is an excuse-free and time-friendly breakfast that everybody can easily enjoy. Wash and slice? How hard is that, right? Taking up only approximately 6 minutes of your time, this Vitamin C packed fruit can do your body SO much good from weight loss to cancer prevention.

2. Avocado Toast

Oh, creamy and buttery avocado on warm, crispy toast! This sounds heavenly enough that I’d spring out of bed for. With avocado being a good source of Vitamin E and posing many health benefits such as cancer, stroke and breast cancer prevention, this simple breakfast is highly nutritional and satisfying as well.

3. Muesli & Yogurt

Just like pouring milk into cereal, muesli and a yogurt of your choice is just as easy to prepare. With muesli packing fiber punches and yogurt’s roundhouse-kicking live bacteria, your stomach will be functioning happily – kicking constipation in the face.

4. Fruit smoothies

If you haven’t got time to chew, try drinking your breakfast instead! I know it might sound tedious just thinking about peeling your fruits and washing the blender but why don’t you choose fruits that are quick to prepare like bananas, berries or apples? Toss them in the blender for your dose of fruits, add some oats or peanut butter for fiber and energy and you’re good to go!

5. Breakfast Pita

If you’re looking for an alternative to bread, pita might be a good choice. Comes in wholegrain or plain, pita is the kangaroo of the bread family with a pocket ready to be stuffed. From eggs, ham, bacon, vegetables or even tuna, you can grab and go with this baby. Definitely a pocketful of sunshine.

So, stop neglecting your important breakfast hours and start investing just a couple of minutes of your morning warming your stomach up for the day with these simple ideas!


Image: by e-wander

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