Egg Whites: The All-Round Goodness for You


I love eggs. I love how versatile it is that you can eat them scrambled, poached, fried, steamed, half-boiled or hard-boiled. I love how it is also nutritious and can be eaten with just about anything. While eggs as a whole already got people excited at any time of day, egg whites on the other hand is somewhat the wallflower in this picture.
Usually only separated for baking, eggs – yolk and white – come hand in hand most of the time. However, when separated, egg white actually has a lot to offer – shining a light on its own.

Here are 3 main benefits of egg whites to our body both inside and out:
1. Egg whites firm skin and face

It’s always weird to spread food on your face considering how slimy egg whites can be. But beauty always has a price to pay and this is worth every penny. Containing Lysozyme, egg whites are said to be a natural pore tightening solution and can even treat wrinkles temporarily. It is usually used as a mask that you can prepare by whisking the egg whites until it is foamy and leaving it on your face for 10-15 minutes.

2. Egg whites repair hair

Cheap and effective, egg whites are a natural hair care especially for oily hair. Because it is full of bacteria-eating enzymes, egg whites are excellent for treating oily hair, eating up all the excess oils. Simply apply the beaten egg white mixture into your clean, damp hair and let it dry for approximately 20 minutes before rinsing it off. Smooth, silky and shiny hair whilst your wallet is still plump!

3. Egg whites keeps you lean

Eggs may be noted for being high in cholesterol and fat but egg whites on the other hand has none of that but only the good stuff. With almost no cholesterol and is absolutely high in protein, egg whites are your guilt-free and healthy option if you love having eggs every day. To add to the good news, egg whites are low in calories and have no fat! So, weight watchers, you know what to do!

Widely available and easy to apply to your everyday lives, egg whites are a source of both health and skincare that you should start (if not continue!) to eat and use.

Image credit: some rights reserved by djwtwo

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