Keep Fit with 5 Types of Invigorating Exercises



Keep Fit with 5 Types of Invigorating Exercises

The festive season has come but has not gone with the upcoming Chinese New Year ahead and the only concern for most of us is if we can still fit into our form-fitting cheongsam that never lies about our added curves without actually hitting the gym and doing rounds and rounds of treadmill. If the gym is monotonous for you, here are 5 types of exercises that are both effective and enjoyable to do:


1.     Fly Yoga

This is a relatively new form of workout here and as its name describes it, it is essentially yoga but involves a certain amount of aerial work on a suspended fabric. Also known as Aerial Yoga, this is great for people who enjoy yoga but want a bit of challenge as these two are vastly different in concept. This workout helps in strengthening your core muscles, increases your flexibility and at the same time keeps you lean and fit while having fun!

2.     Fit Ball

The Fit Ball is no stranger to us and everybody knows how it works but instead of doing your regular exercise regime on a floor mat, practicing it on a fit ball actually helps build your muscles even more because when you are on the ball, it requires a certain amount of balance without rolling away. The Fit Ball mainly focuses on improving balance and back and spinal health. And if all else fails, simply bouncing on it or using it as a chair for work can help straighten your posture!

3.     Pole Fitness

When people say “pole dancing”, the immediate idea we get are sensual burlesque dancing which is actually an interesting way of working out too, if I may add. However, for people who are a little more timid, pole fitness is not about leg flirting and such – it is about strength, flexibility and stamina. Imagine having to suspend yourself on a vertical pole, you bet your muscles are bound to work!

 4.     Pilates

In a nutshell, Pilates may seem somewhat similar to yoga in terms of mat work and poses. However, they are actually relatively different. Pilates is a workout that focuses more primarily on your core strength, balance and improving the control of your body without the meditation. On top of that, Pilates also involve a couple of equipment such as Fit Ball or even a resistance machine which makes it more exciting to work on.

5.     Jukari Fit to Fly

Created by Cirque du Soleil and Reebok, Jukari Fit is also one of those unique and new methods of exercising that is incredibly fun and effective.  It requires a weighted trapeze-designed bar with loops at the end which involves swinging and various types of climb and stretch. It is said that the suspension actually helps your core muscles to work extra hard as it is more difficult to balance on air. This exercise will not only give you the experience of an acrobat (almost) but it will definitely give you a body of one!


So, with these 5 invigorating exercises, you can kiss your festive weight blues and the guilt trip on food lane away and enjoy your holiday!


Image: by Mike Baird

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