5 Thoughtful & Economical Gift Ideas for Your Valentine


5 Thoughtful & Economical Gift Ideas for Your Valentine

The smell of roses is in the air and the sight of endearing couples are on the street – you know it’s the time of the year again where love rings through but expensive dinners and overpriced roses are just simply not working out for you. What is there left to do? Well, personally, I believe that a personal touch adds an essence of romance and thoughtfulness and the best thing about romance is that it should not cost you a dime (or too much, at least).

Here are some gift ideas or just something you and your loved one can share and do together on this special day:


1.     D.I.Y handicrafts

There is always something very intimate about handmade gifts. It is done with YOUR hands and it is thought by YOU and on top of that, the creativity involved allows you room to add inside jokes and specific details only you and your other half will understand. Try using recyclable materials as the rawness of it gives a very homely touch whilst being economical about your budget and eco-friendly.

2.     Cook a hearty meal

They say a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and this saying definitely goes a long way. Cooking a meal is not just simply throwing ingredients together and whipping up a dish – no. It is about knowing your partner well enough to understand what he/she loves to eat or knowing what is good for their health and spending the time enjoying the meal together. It is a simple, inexpensive idea that will definitely warm his/her heart.

3.     Have a picnic

Low in cost but high in fun, a picnic is certainly not a norm here which is what makes it incredibly memorable for Valentine’s. Wake up early, prepare some light finger food and head on to a beautiful public park and just take in the fresh morning dew with your other half. It is a great idea for true quality time spent people-watching and making memories without fishing out a wad of cash.

4.     Stargaze together

Even if you are no astronomy expert, there is something very romantic about stargazing – it’s quiet, it’s dark and you feel like the two of you are the only people alive in this world. Of course, you need to be careful if you decide to head out to a park but it is advisable to just do it outside your lawn. Just grab a mat, a hot beverage and just lie under the stars a la A Walk to Remember. It may be free but cross your fingers for a clear sky!

5.     Create a Memory Jar

Ever had a time where you vaguely remember a fond memory but cannot seem to put a finger on it? How about making a memory jar where you write down snippets of your memory with the date (if you remember it) and drop them in a jar where you can randomly pick a memory out of it and reminisce together. It’s always a fuzzy feeling where you and your loved one can look back together and talk about what great days you both have shared together!


So, this Valentine’s Day, gift the gift of a great experience and memory for your loved one (and yourself) as effort makes the heart even fonder. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Image: by Sewing Daisies

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