Appreciating Women: 4 Reasons Why We Need Them


Women – said to be one of the most complicated creatures on the face of the earth and men just cannot seem to understand us most of the time. They have their occasional hormonal days of bouts of anger and their days of uncontrollable tears yet the world cannot continue spinning if they have been eradicated. Women play such a vital role in our lives yet sometimes can be overlooked.

Let’s remind ourselves why they are important to us with these 4 main reasons:

1.     The gift of life

Of course, the most important role of a woman is indeed childbirth. Without the womb of our mothers, there will be no you and I. Think about it, when you feel a discomfort in your abdominal region, the pain can sometimes be so painful that we see our life flash before us – now multiply that by 100 and we get childbirth. It amazes me how they go through this immense amount of pain just to bring new life to this world. Not forgetting the sacrifices of a svelte body, eating habits and lifestyle post-pregnancy. And yet, they will tell you it is all worth it. Bravo!

2.     The gift of emotions

For the most part, women is usually said to be the more sensitive of the sexes and bring forth the emotional aspect in a relationship. Although it may not seem like it is necessary for their incessant paranoia and constant worrying, take a step back and look at it this way: it is an outlet of expression not just of their caring nature but also a way of protection. Without them looking out for us and showing us love in a softer manner, our lives will probably not be as balanced. So before we jump to the conclusion that they are overreacting, let’s remember that women tend to think a lot further and it’s not for bad intentions.

3.     The gift of intuition

You know what they say about a women’s intuition being right all the time? Sometimes, I do believe it is true. Women tend to have a stronger sense of other people’s emotion and somehow they just know it when something is wrong. Like our mothers, they always know just what to say and do when we are at our most vulnerable state. They will always be listening to us and tapping into our emotional system when we need it most and give detailed explanations and advices. They are the more empathetic gender of the lot and somehow, it is in their nature to listen and understand the emotional rollercoaster that all humans are bound to face. And that is the beauty of women.

4.     The gift of balance

Women and men are said to be from Mars and Venus – both from completely different worlds and are placed together to live in harmony. Without women, our lives are probably going to be oddly lop-sided and we are going to find it difficult to strike a balance between logic and emotion. Women help us realize that it is okay to delve into our emotional state once in a while and be at peace with it while men help us to think with our heads. It is a necessary balance in our lives and women contribute a huge part in keeping our lives in check.


In accordance to Women’s Day, this goes out to all the women out there. These are a women’s strength and it’s time we take it into account and appreciate what it has done in our lives for the better. Cheers!


Image: by Kneel Center, Cornell University

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