5 Ways to Learn Self-Defense



5 Ways to Learn Self-Defense


We are currently living in an era where danger lurks even when the sun is high and bright – every stranger that looms in the corner poses a threat to us and the worst part is that it is not enough to just be careful. It is crucial that you keep your guard up and be very aware and realistic of every possible situation because someday, you might just be the “other people” we all refer to when bad things happen.


Here are 5 ways you can defend yourself, just in case:

1.     Fight them!


Albeit being the more conventional and probably slightly more time consuming method than just running away, learning martial arts be it Muay Thai, kick-boxing or Taekwondo will greatly help in keeping you calm and confident in a given situation as well as building your defense mechanism and body reflex. You can now be a little less paranoid about walking around alone!


2.     Spray them!


Pepper spray, pepper spray, pepper spray! Our moms have always told us to carry them with us at ALL times and it’s for a good reason. In case of emergency and lack of physical strength or agility, just whip out your pepper spray and spray like there’s no tomorrow. Then run.


3.     Watch them!


You may not know who is after you or if anybody is after you at all but there is no harm to keep a watch out for anybody who looks seemingly suspicious. Always be alert about your surroundings especially in quiet car parks. Just keep looking around and behind you and walk really quickly. No predator likes a knowing prey!


4.     Escape them!


It might sound pretty paranoid to be thinking of a potential contingency plan and knowing your escape routes if any malevolence should fall on you but do know that it will be highly resourceful if you prepared one. Just in case such a situation should happen, you know roughly what to do and where to run to – it will also help you think better and see things a little clearer. So, be prepared!


5.     Kick them!


You know what I’m talking about and you know where I’m talking about. If all else fails, just kick them, run as fast as you can and call for help. Your life is more valuable than anything else so if you must, drop whatever you’re carrying and hold on to dear life.




It is no longer a safe society to live in and although it is rather inappropriate to jump to conclusions that everyone has an intention to harm you but it is an inevitable truth that anything could happen to you. So, don’t let your guards down and remember to stay very alert. Take care!




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