What is Killing Mother Earth?



All this talk about green living and being ecologically considerate is no longer a stranger to us. Everywhere we go, people are telling us to live a greener life with No Plastic Bag Day, Earth Hour and recycling bags. So, the big question now is: How did we even get ourselves here? How did we land ourselves in a situation where awareness to our depleting earth is necessary?

On this World Earth Day, let us remind ourselves what exactly is killing Mother Earth and how we are involved in the slow but sure deterioration of what we call our home.

1.     Rising global temperature

The weather has been a little chaotic these days, don’t you think? With winter extended into spring and raining when it is supposed to be humid, it has slowly become unpredictable and out of its usual order. Not only is the weather a mess, it is also increasingly hotter than normal which is causing the rise of the temperature of the sea and the melting of glaciers. The cause of this is prior to many reasons like the higher amount of air-conditioning usage, increased release of carbon gases and logging – all the general necessities in developing a modern environment. In addition to the rise of temperature, many marine creatures are affected by it and dying from even the slightest, most minute change in water temperature like the magnificent coral reefs and the colourful fishes. Our ecology runs in a balance and if one falls, it all boils down to the survivor of the fittest and most adaptable.

What we can do to help: Switch air-conditioning off when not in use or minimize usage with a timer. Another thing we can practice is knowing what we want before opening the fridge.

 2.     Air pollution

Another crucial environmental issue is air pollution and some countries are facing some of the worst pollution in recorded history like Beijing, China. Not only does air pollution pose some respiratory health threats to us, it also poses a threat to Mother Earth as the release of carbon gases is one of the main contributors to global warming. How can we help reduce air pollution? Well, there is little we can do about it as some of the factors are beyond us and inevitable in the development of an established country but there is one thing we can all make a collaborative effort to do: car pooling. The increase of cars on the road is not only causing us a stressful journey of traffic, it is also terribly bad for the quality of our air.

What we can do to help: Car-pool! Let’s make a conscious effort to pick up our friends on the way because hey, it is a great time for bonding too!

3.     Logging and cutting down of trees

Do you remember going to the zoo and enjoying the sights and sounds of tigers, monkeys and exotic birds? Don’t you just want to share this luxury with your kids and show them what amazing creatures live among us? I most definitely do; but, the problem is that we are not sure how long we can keep their natural habitat in tact if we keep exploiting their lands for our benefit. It is a selfish act for us to continuously develop multi-story buildings and residential areas for our own investment. Sure, it is not wrong but is it necessary? Has it ever occurred to you that the boon is also our bane? With less trees our land is barren and exposed to more sunlight and many disasters like landslide can occur; plus, our air is not naturally circulated hence, air pollution. Besides the building of infrastructure, we are all aware that paper comes from trees and again, this is another inevitable fact of our modern society that we simply cannot eradicate but learn to curb it.

What we can do to help: As for logging, it is beyond our control to have a say in it but we sure can recycle our paper! Besides recycling, we can also minimize the usage through using soft copy via our electronic devices.

It is not fiction that our world is dying, the reality is among us and we are a part of it whether we care or not; so, let’s make a collaborative effort to conserve our earth before the creatures of the earth only becomes a picture book to our future generations. Let’s be wise with our decisions and remember that a little goes a very, very long way!


Image: by Flying Singer

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