5 Ways to Relieve Asthma


Asthma is a common and familiar respiratory condition – we all know at least one person who has asthma and there are only ways to relieve not cure it. Asthma not only leaves you with serious symptoms like breathlessness, it also holds you back from living an active and healthy lifestyle. On top of that, it is easier for you to be subjected to other respiratory diseases like tuberculosis and pneumonia.

So, other than proper medication and inhalers, what other ways can you relieve asthma? Well, here are 5 suggested home remedies for you to try out:

1.     A coffee cure

Yes, coffee junkies! Not only is coffee a tasteful delight but it is also said to help in relieving the symptoms of asthma. A hot cup of strong, black coffee with no added milk or sugar can aid in opening up the airways; the stronger the coffee, the better. Ah, the beauty of coffee is not just in its brew but in its effects, too.

2.     A steamy solution

While steam is said to be good for your skin, it is also great for asthmatics! If you haven’t got access to a steam room, an option of simply turning on a hot shower and letting the steam fill up the room is a good way to relax and let the nasal tract clear up. Otherwise, you should consider getting a dehumidifier for your room.

 3.     A mite medicant

Mites are tiny little creatures found all over our homes and especially our beds. Sounds creepy, doesn’t it? For asthmatics, it is important to keep your house clean and change your sheets often to prevent mites because the feces of mites as well as dead mites poses as an irritant to asthma. If you must, get an air purifier to keep your air clean too. A fresher home equates a fresher breath of air!

 4.     A diet defense

We are what we eat, they say and it is not far from the truth. Our eating habits contribute a great deal to the effects of our body’s reaction and watching what you eat will aid in relieving asthmatic symptoms. For one, adding yogurt into your diet will increase your Vitamin B12 intake and protect you from asthma attacks. Another effective food to add to your diet is orange juice. Yes, a good glass of freshly squeezed OJ packed with Vitamin C aids in protecting the lining of your bronchioles.

5.     An air-conditioner alleviation

It may not be the most eco-friendly solution of the lot but it is certainly effective. Air-conditioner is a great way to filter your air from mites, pollens and dust as well as control the humidity of your air. It may not be your skin’s best friend but it is indeed an asthmatic’s best and fastest home remedy.

With inhalers and medications at hand, sometimes all we need is a little change in our lifestyle to fix a problem within our body. Make a small change around your home and see that the change makes a world of a difference!

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