Top 7 Health Benefits of Dates


With the holy month of Ramadhan around the corner, it’s hard to ignore the boxes of dates stacked across the grocer’s aisles. We all know that our Muslim friends take them when they break from fasting to rejuvenate their body but what exactly is in these dates that make them the fruit of choice? What are the health benefits behind these wrinkly, dried fruits?

Let’s find out!

 Dates are a balanced fruit

The beauty of dates lies in its nutritious properties – possessing most of the vital vitamins and minerals our body needs. Dates balance itself with the right amount of natural sucrose, fructose, glucose and carbohydrates as well as potassium and manganese. This nutrient-packed fruit is decadent and sweet – perfect as a healthy snack for the health conscious!

 Dates are cholesterol-free

As age catches up, we find ourselves refraining from numerous foods for being high in cholesterol but with dates, there is no need to worry! Dates are absolutely free from cholesterol plus, they are low-fat too! Who knew a simple dried fruit could be so guilt-free, eh?

 Dates are rich in fiber

If you’re not into the regular good ole’ oats as your staple source of fiber, dates are a great option to a healthier digestive system. With its high dietary fiber contents, it will not only curb constipation but it will also aid in intestinal disorders. Simply soak the dates in water and take them with water the next morning for an added laxative effect.

 Dates are great for weight management

Weight watchers everywhere, take note. Dates are a power-packed fruit that can aid in keeping your weight in check with its high fiber and rich essential minerals contents. Because it is bursting with so many good nutrients, it has the tendency to fill you up quickly without actually neglecting your sweet tooth. Absolutely beneficial and yummy at the same time!

Dates are a good source of fluorine

Fluorine is one of the main building blocks of strong, perfect teeth and it can sometimes be difficult to maintain such perfect biters on oral care alone. Although dates can be rather coated with juicy sweetness, eating it moderately can help in delaying tooth decay. How ironic is that? But remember, moderation is key; otherwise it could go the other spectrum!

Dates are excellent energy boosters

Reeling back to the subject of Ramadhan, one of the main reasons why our Muslim friends partake of these plump fruits prior to breaking fast is solely because it is such a great source of revitalizing your body from all the lethargy. All those sucrose, glucose, proteins and potassium aids in giving you energy and kick-starting your day which is why it is recommended to introduce it into your breakfast plans.

Dates are a choice supplement for pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a tough journey for many – having to consume all sorts of supplements to ensure a healthy and strong baby as well as a strong mother. In addition to the assortment of supplements galore, dates are a wonderful and natural source of calcium, manganese, phosphorous and selenium which are essential for the growth of the foetus. Plus, dates aid in the building of hemoglobin to ensure regular blood flow for all to-be mothers!


Whether it is for the glorious month of Ramadhan or for your everyday needs, dates have the ability to meet them all. However, dates are usually eaten dried and all dried fruits tend to be concentrated with calories so, a balanced consumption of dates in moderation will definitely be highly beneficial for you!




Image: by EmilyBarney

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