4 Simple DIY Christmas Gifts & Decorations


It’s the jolly season of Christmas again! Oh how the year has flown, hasn’t it? It’s time to bring out the Christmas tree and start cracking for that perfect gift. Instead of the usual store-bought decorations and presents, how about getting your hands  a little dirty and get creative with these simple DIY Christmas gifts & decorations? A little personal touch is sure to add a glimmer to any Christmas spirit!

Get your creative juices flowing with these 4 simple DIY ideas:

Photo transfer on canvas/fabric

One of the easiest forms of craft, photo transfer allows you to transfer any of your favorite photos onto canvas or fabric without the high cost of printing. All you need is a gel medium that you can get from your art store, a laser printed photo on regular paper, a paint brush and water – simple! So firstly, apply a layer of gel medium onto your image with the paint brush and paste your photo onto your desired surface (canvas or fabric) and let it dry overnight. Then, use some water to lightly dab onto the back of your photo and rub gently with your fingers until all the paper is removed. Voila! You have successfully transferred an image without any cutting-edge printer! You can now gift these babies in the form of a simple canvas decoration or even sew it into a pillow. From here on, it’s up to your imagination!

Custom mugs

Another good way of adding personal touches to an everyday item, this custom mug DIY is a great way of showing how much your friends or family mean to you. All you need is a clean microwavable mug (preferably white) and a Sharpie or any regular permanent marker. Find a nice quote, an inside joke or if you are a bit of an artist, design a unique design for all. After that, leave your mug in the microwave for 30 seconds to a minute for the ink to settle and there you have it, a personal custom mug with your thoughts and effort written on it!

Revamp old baubles

Are you getting bored of your old Christmas baubles but refuse to buy new ones? Well, sometimes it’s always good to change things up a little but instead of buying a new set altogether, how about recycling your old ones and shed a new light on them? There are a few options that you can opt for: rustic, classy or demure. For rustic ones, get some twine or yarn of your desired colour and encircle it around your bauble with some hot glue. Add some colour into it or accent it with some cute colourful buttons for an added pop. As for classy baubles, simply dip your bauble into white glue and roll it in some glitter for a simple design or you could go for sequins and decorate to your heart’s content. Demure, on the other hand, requires some dainty laces and cosmetic pearls for a sweet and pastel look. Go crazy!

Create a centre piece

It’s always festive when there is a pop of colour in the house; so, instead of the usual pot of red poinsettia, how about a simple and modern centre piece to lift the mood? Pick a few colours that you deem are complementing and set a theme to it – modern, rustic, etc – and grab your old jars and baubles and get to work. If you can, find a small old branch and spray it white to allow the other colours to accentuate and keep that in a tall vase. Then, when all is done, set everything on a tray and arrange as you like it. Hang some baubles on the branch, place the baubles in the jars and maybe even add some candy canes for more festivity!

Christmas is such a great season to get creative with abundance of ideas all over the Internet for you to discover and recreate. So, don’t just rely on what the retailers have to offer. Save some cash and spend some time getting ready for this season with these DIY ideas! Merry Christmas!

Image: by Jessica Wilson

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