Poise & Posture: Importance of Good Post


Do you remember the time when you were kids and you were always told to sit up straight? It was such a hassle and it took up so much energy just to hoist your spine up, wasn’t it? But little did you know, this seemingly small movement of the back can serve as not just as a good practice but a great benefit to your overall body.

How is it that something so minute as posture can be so important to our body? Let’s find out!

Increases poise and confidence

They always say that how you walk and how you stand says a lot about you as a person; so, what better way to leave a good impression than to strut with your shoulders back and your head held high! Very simply roll your shoulders back and drop it below your ears and hold your core in to achieve a better posture – you’ve got poise and elegance in the bag already, take it out and use it. Go on, straighten that back and be confident!

 Increases core strength

Who would have thought that holding a perfect posture would be a great workout for the abs, too? Talk about killing two birds with one stone! How it works is that it is easier for you to achieve a better posture is when you engage your core as you walk or as you stand. This may sound quite impossible and you are probably wondering how is this natural but believe me, overtime it will not only give you a stronger core but a straighter spine. It may take some time to get used to but all good things require effort, don’t they?

 Decreases back pain

The act of slouching may feel comfortable and natural but after a long day, do you realize that your shoulders and back begin to ache a little? This is because slouching tends to stress the shoulder muscles and put a lot of weight on them which can be bad for your back. Our spine is naturally made in a way where it curves and slouching is an act of curling it – simply put it is a big NO-NO. Another thing is that it will allow your overall body weight to be distributed evenly throughout your body be it when you are sitting, standing or walking to ensure that none of your muscles are overworking. Let your body work naturally and practice a good, perfect posture!

 Decreases blood circulation

When you slouch, it is an unnatural position for your spine and this can greatly affect your blood circulation to your entire body as well as the health of your vertebrae. This will also create a domino effect and has a possibility to affect the functions of your organs and your digestion. How does this work? Well, when you stand, walk or sit straight, it tends to open up your abdominal cavity allowing more room for your organs to function with ease and hence, improving your overall health.


Holding the right posture may not always seem important to most people – some even view it as a part of themselves they can call their own – but it does play a very important role in not just the way we appear to others but also the way we appear to ourselves. As much as health benefits go, a good posture determines a good and healthy mind as well. So, don’t be afraid to stand tall and keep your head held high!


Image: The Australian Women’s Health

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