Clean Foods, Clean Kidneys: Benefits of eating clean for your kidneys


Known as the filters of our body, kidneys are especially important to regulate the toxins in our body and they serve a great purpose in their lifetime. Although our body can still function with just one kidney, it is our duty to look after them as best as we can because not only does it benefit our kidneys but our overall health, too. So, what better way to do that than to jump on the bandwagon of eating clean!

Here are 4 benefits of eating clean for your kidneys as well as your entire well-being:

Less sodium content

Serve it fresh, serve it raw – eating clean is all about eating food that is minimally or entirely unprocessed. With that said, eating clean usually has a lot less sodium in comparison to eating packaged or canned food. A high salt intake in your diet can pose health threats to your kidneys as it increases the protein in your urine causing a slow, but sure decline in your kidneys’ functions. So, keep it fresh and keep it clean.

Stronger immune system

The root of the problem for most of us lies in our immune system. It is important for us to keep our immunity in tip-top condition to prevent all sorts of diseases not just on our kidneys. Because eating clean means eating a generous helping of colourful fruits and vegetables, this can ensure that our immune system absorbs its nutrients easily. Throw in some yogurt into your fresh foods diet and you can be sure to feel healthier than ever.

Maintaining a healthy weight

It is a no-brainer to most that weight is an important deciding factor as far as your health risks are concerned. It is important that you maintain a healthy weight where your BMI is in a good place because if your scale tips on either side of the spectrum of light or heavy, it is a concern on its own. What eating clean does in this context is that it helps people manage their weight better be it loss or gain. With that said, a healthy weight plays a key role in the health of your kidneys as well to ensure that they are not bearing too much on their shoulders. A healthy weight is always a good sign of a healthy body.

Maintaining a healthy cholesterol level

High cholesterol is a term we have all heard over the dinner table about what to eat and what not to eat – prawns, eggs and what have we. Everyone is concerned about their cholesterol level and they should be! High cholesterol levels are often associated with kidney failures and various heart diseases; which is why eating clean is a good idea for you. Because eating clean revolves mainly around unprocessed foods and preferably even raw foods, fat and sodium contents are greatly lowered to prevent any fat build-up around the arteries. Blood can now flow with ease and your kidneys and heart are going to thank you for it.


Eating clean may be a tad difficult at first but pick it up slowly by incorporating small portions of raw and fresh foods into your diet and increasing it as you go. In conjunction with World Kidney Day, make it your lifestyle to eat clean and eat green and see results not just in the health of your kidneys but in your everyday life.


Image: by Scribbletaylor

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