Standing Abreast Against Breast Cancer: Let’s be aware together!


Breast cancer has been known to be one of the most common forms of cancer next to skin cancer and like most cancers there is not one way to prevent it. It should be known to us all that breast cancer can affect just about anybody – women and men alike – and we should take heed and be aware.

Let’s stand together and fight against breast cancer with these 5 simple steps towards awareness:

Live a healthy lifestyle

There is never a harm to pick up your feet for a good jog or even take some time out for a good stretch on your yoga mat – regular exercise is always beneficial for your health. Keeping a good exercise regime of simple workouts or a fun sport can greatly improve your health and definitely reduces your risk of breast cancer. Pick a form of workout you enjoy most and stick to it! Keep your heart pumping and your blood flowing for a healthier future.

Eat a healthy diet

Eating a healthy diet and living a healthy lifestyle comes hand-in-hand in improving your general well-being as well as fighting cancer. You can’t do one without the other because that would be defeating the purpose. Keep it simple by incorporating fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet and munch on raw nuts as a snack for a start. If you want a bit of a challenge, go for a raw food diet! Avoiding alcohol and cigarettes are a good way to keep your body protected as well.

Be aware of signs and symptoms

One of the best ways to prevent breast cancer is an early diagnosis. It is important for all women (and men) out there to be thoroughly aware of the common signs and symptoms of breast cancer and to check every once in a while. Some of the common signs are lumps around the armpit area, dimpling of the skin, changes in skin colour or texture, change in nipple shape or a clear or bloody discharge at the nipple. So ladies, be aware of these signs and symptoms and get it checked up if in doubt.

 Go for a regular check-up

Often times we take for granted our liberty of resources and technology available at our nearest hospital and forget that sometimes, a regular check-up is highly necessary. Getting a regular check-up can greatly help you in preventing all sorts of illness besides cancer and it is better to be safe than sorry. So, remember, don’t skimp on your health!

Don’t take things for granted

Let’s not be oblivious about the things around us and let’s be aware together. Breast cancer is not just an unfortunate situation happening to someone you know, but it can happen to you too. Don’t take your lifestyle or your health for granted – be aware and do something about it.


In lieu of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let’s be more well-informed together to protect not just ourselves but of our friends, our children and our community. Let’s step out from the dark and remember that this is a common form of cancer and start making a change in our lifestyle!



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