5 Ways to Improve Children’s Creativity


Remember those days where we used to play pretend games and invent our own games? Those good old days of masak-masak, catching, ice and fire and batu seremban are simply nostalgic memories we can only reminisce about now with the rise of video games. In hindsight, those games truly helped us mold our creativity and gave us so much room to explore – it made us more inventive and more innovative in finding our entertainment and then sharing it with the rest of our class. The good ole’ days!

As much as we may be living in a technologically advanced time, let’s not limit our children’s curiousity and let’s allow them to explore their creativity in the most natural way possible.

Here are 5 simple ideas to improve your child’s creativity:

Encourage art & expression

Art is always a great way for kids to express themselves be it in the form of sketching, painting, crafting or even music. Provide your child with some materials ranging from musical instruments, crayons to paints to recyclable materials and let them create and let their imagination run free! Most important, give them the support they need and provide them with constructive yet encouraging remarks to ensure that they know what to improve and that there is no wrong or right when it comes to art.

Encourage exploration

Kids always seem happier when they are out and about running and doing things kids should do – explore! Take them out for a breath of fresh air and play outdoors; let them expand their mind and discover different things from tiny buys to tiny plants. Give them the liberty to get muddy and invent games for themselves. It is important for them to know that the world is huge with many things left to know – sometimes some things technology cannot offer.

Encourage reading

Words may seem dull and boring to most kids and it is your job as a parent to encourage them to read and see the fun in it. Be it picture books or simple story books, kids should be taught to love the art of reading. Not only will they learn and pick up a wider range of vocabulary, they will be able to enter a new world full of different fantasies and ignite their imagination to flying monkeys and dragons. Read to them or get them to create their own story and let their imagination flow!

Encourage curiosity

Every child is a curious cat – perpetually inquisitive creatures that never fail to ask “Why?” Try to allow them to think of possible answers to different questions and ask them for their opinion – this encourages better self-confidence and enable them to feel comfortable probing for answers. If they don’t ask, ask them instead! If they don’t know, teach them. Show them that learning can be fun and create a habit of asking “Why?” and “Why not?”

Encourage positivity

Many times we may find ourselves trying to teach children the right way to do things – which is not wrong in any case – but if the spoken manner comes off a little bit harsh, it may come of discouraging. So be positive around your kids and let them feel like what they are doing is rewarding and accomplishing. Praise them for the little that they do and show them that you appreciate their work. Be it in the form of a simple drawing or a simple melody or even if they learnt a new word – show them some motivation! They need to know that they are capable and will not be afraid of trying new things.


Kids have such a malleable mind that has so much room to absorb and to grow. As parents or guardians, it is important for you to nurture and to guide them towards independent and creative thinking. Let’s take them outside and give their creativity a good stretch!


Image: by Epsos


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