Diabetes Myth Busting: 4 Myths about Diabetes


A misunderstood illness, diabetes has left many people with various misconceptions based on popular culture. The term “so sweet it gives me diabetes” may or may not have spoken the truth but one thing is for sure, there is more to the cause of diabetes than just sugary sweets.

Here are some of the common myths about diabetes – debunked and busted:

Diabetes is caused by having too much sugar

Sure, sugar is not necessarily our body’s best bud but this myth needs a little clarification. It is after all unfair for sugar to take all the blame, isn’t it? To be fair, sugar is one of the few foods that diabetics should limit; however, diabetes is mostly caused by the inability for your body to produce and to use insulin properly – dividing diabetes into two categories: type 1 and type 2 respectively. So, before you start prophetically accusing someone of having diabetes in the future for having too much candies and Coke, take a step back and remember that insulin deficiency or resistance are some of the primary causes of diabetes. Although, it is still no good to have too much sugar!

Diabetes only affects people who are overweight

Diabetes isn’t one of those mean girls at school who only pick on overweight people. Diabetes happens to be fair to all and can affect anybody of every shape and every size.  As much as obesity does play a major role in type 2 diabetes, it is not safe to assume that all overweight people are subjected to it – even skinny people can succumb to it. Of course, keeping a healthy weight does prevent a lot of complications but if it is hereditary, sometimes there is no running from it. If you want to take precautions, just get your blood sugar checked every few years to be sure!

Diabetes only affects the old

Young or old, diabetes doesn’t discriminate. As aforementioned, diabetes can be hereditary and it can surface and affect younger people, too. On top of that, if your child is not taken care of properly, they can also develop diabetes. If you want to prevent your child from diabetes, keep them on track with a healthy diet and keep them busy with physical activities. This will improve your child’s overall health as well as allowing their body more room to grow as well as better functionality. So, don’t be deceived and ignorant! Start young because diabetes can affect anyone.

Diabetes limits your physical activity

On the contrary, diabetics should do more physical activities and light sports because getting active will aid your body in using and making insulin to regulate your blood sugar levels. This will also help you maintain a healthy weight as well as blood pressure but the tip here is not to push yourself too far. Working out has the tendency to lose and lower blood sugar levels so, to prevent that, be sure to exercise after food and to stay hydrated. Know and understand your body’s limit and work towards a better you!

Diabetes has been a serious illness especially in the recent times prior to the rise of technology and fast food chains – everyone wants everything quick and convenient – neglecting healthy eating and physical activities altogether. So, not only will a healthier diet and some light exercises prevent you from developing diabetes but it will definitely aid in your overall health.


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