It’s a New Year, but is it a new you?


It’s a New Year, but is it a new you?


A New Year and a new beginning is just ahead of you and you can almost smell the freshness of this new coming chapter with hopeful eyes and a wishful heart; you pray it will be better than the last.  Take a deep breath and stretch out your stiff, tired limbs – what a year has it been, don’t you think?


It is only natural to have the tendency to retrospect on what the past has brought you but be it bitter or sweet, it’s time to look ahead and focus on the many more experiences you may have in the coming year.  What has come has also gone, so let’s not linger too long and start the new year refreshed with new goals and new..well, everything!


Here’s a few ways you can kick-start your new year with a new perspective:

1.  Leave it all behind


The most important rule in moving forward is to leave the past behind.  Of course, if the year has been good and left a sweet aftertaste, bring those positive emotions with you but also knowing that it could be even better!  On the flipside, keep the negativity back in 2013 and keep your head held high because there is always a new day for change.



2.  Set new goals


We find that it helps when we set goals for ourselves in life – it almost feels like a video game; levelling-up and unlocking achievements.  If you didn’t achieve your 2013 goals, it’s fine!  It’s a new year so scrap that and give yourself a new challenge!  It’s always more exciting to have something new to look forward to.  Throw in a thing or two that are probably out of your league and watch how you overcome them.


3.  Focus on the present


As far as the future is bright, the present is always better.  Why look back on the past when it is gone or the future when it hasn’t happened when you can focus on the “then and now”?  Learn to absorb and immerse yourself in your current surroundings and start appreciating what you have RIGHT now.  So start the year with the mind set of living in the present.  You might just find yourself feeling a tad bit happier, too.


4.  Give yourself a closure


The year is gone and there are certainly moments you are going to miss with all your heart; so, why not write them down?  Give yourself a pleasant closure to the year by listing the good things and the bad things that happened in 2013 and what you have learnt from it.  It’s always a great way to start the New Year without a heavy heart!


We hope 2013 has been an amazing year for everyone and we are sure the following year will be even better.  So, don’t look back in anger and enter the New Year knowing that it just gets better.  Happy New Year!


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