Backaches & Shoulder Sores? Try these simple back stretches!


For most of you living in the modern office society tend to find yourselves planted on the same seat we sat on from morning all the way until evening. It has become a norm for most of you to go home with sore shoulders and stiff backs like it has become a part of your work routine. Head home, shake it off and rinse and repeat. Backaches and shoulder sores are such common problems for so many of us and if you ignore it long enough it could transform into a serious long-term issue.

Let’s counter this perpetual issue with these simple back stretches that you can do on your desk itself and at home:

Seated Spinal Twist

As the name suggests, the seated spinal twist can be done right at your desk whilst seated. So, in between working, set a couple of minutes and do a little twist! With your back straight and tall, turn your body to your left with your right hand directly parallel to your back and your head facing the left.  Repeat on your right and do this a couple of times.  This helps in stretching your spine and your upper back – releasing those tight knots from sitting too long!

Seated Hip Stretch

Again, another simple yet effective stretch that can be done on your desk! This is one of the best stretches for both your back and your hips and you can really feel all your sore muscles loosening. Simply place your right ankle on your left knee a la manly version of a crossed-leg and sit with your back tall. Slowly lean your body forward with your head up while pressing your hanging knee down and feel your hip, shoulders and back open up. Ah, wasn’t that a good stretch?

Crossed Arm Stretch

If you have a sore shoulder, this is a great stretch for you. Be it at home or at work, this simple arm stretch will help relieve your shoulder blades as well as arm muscles from being too stiff. With one arm stretched out in front of you, take your other hand and place it on your elbow and pull your arm towards your body. Feel that stretch along the deltoids as well as your shoulder blade!

Head Roll

Stiff necks are a largely affected by tense shoulders and relieving your neck can also do a good deal of aid to your shoulders as well. Do a quick roll of your head from right, down, left and up and repeat it clockwise or anti-clockwise at different speeds. If you hear that crack then good job! If you don’t, no worries, you will still feel a lot better afterwards. This should help release those sore upper shoulder muscles as well as neck muscles.

Kneeling Twist

Something for a quick stretch at home, this simple torso twist can be done in the morning to shake your body up after a long rest or done at night to relieve those muscles from a long day. All you need to do is kneel on the ground with your arms on the ground directly under your shoulders in a table top position. Then, take your right hand and thread it under your left hand; then, rest your right shoulder on the ground and lift your left hand towards the ceiling and look up. Repeat this with your other hand. This should give both your shoulders and back a nice twist!

Interlock Stretch

If you are sore from head to your lower back, this stretch is definitely for you. You can do this cross-legged or kneeling – whichever you prefer – but personally, kneeling seems more effective. In your desired sitting position, interlock your fingers and lift your arms towards the ceiling and stretch while slightly arching your back. Then, repeat this by interlocking your fingers at the back and continue to slightly arch your back. To relax your back from all that stretching, interlock your fingers in front of you and round your spine. And there you go! A simple and complete stretch to start and end your day!

Sitting in a position for too long can damage your back and your shoulders and you will feel a lot of weight on them overtime. So, do these simple stretches while working or at home and feel a significant difference in your well-being. Take a break; don’t stretch your back and shoulders to their limit!


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