Empowering Women : Wearing your confidence on your sleeves



In our current modern society, traces of sexism can still be found within the depths of a handful of people – looking at women with tinted eyes and doubting their capabilities. It is a sad truth but a truth nonetheless. But as women, it is important that you do not let that get to you. So, how do you stay mentally strong? The answer is simple but not easy to execute: confidence.


What is it about confidence that really draws the strength within you and why should you even try to draw this strength? Let’s find out!



1. Confidence empowers you


There is a certain magic in feeling powerful. Not in a megalomaniac way but in a strong, focused way. When you start to believe that what you are doing matters and the best part is that you are doing it so well, you will start to feel empowered about your life. Always remember that to have someone else believe in you, you must first believe in yourself. Yes, it is a simple principle but we often forget that the first person to always convince is yourself. So, whatever it is you are doing, assure yourself you are the best at it!



2. Confidence shows


There is a vast difference between a confident person and an insecure person. Not just in what they say or how they perform at work but in small details like how they stand, how they walk and what they wear. A confident person makes what they do believable and it is an incredibly sexy quality as well. If you ever feel like you are not good enough on the inside, looking the part is half the battle!



3. Confidence gives you strength


It is weird how our mind works but one cannot deny that it is our greatest power. A simple optimistic perspective like “I can” is enough to drive you to do crazy things. Sometimes we need to draw our strengths from within and be it physically or mentally, a positive mindset creates confidence and henceforth, gives you strength. You can say that it is a chain of events that go hand-in-hand but who knew a small switch makes a huge difference.



4. Confidence is inspiring


To be empowering is to be an influence and to be an influence you must first inspire. Guess what? It’s not that difficult. All you need is confidence. Words like “I think” and “I guess” leaves a level of doubt in your sentence and it transfers to your listeners and it is difficult for people to catch on and believe what you say if you are not certain yourself. Always be confident in what you say and believe in what you say. Like we mentioned above, confidence shows and it also has an effect on others.


In our day and age where powerful women are on the rise, it is all the more important that you should be strong in your believes and ultimately be confident. Stand tall and proud of who you are and what you do and empowerment will follow suit. So, on this International Women’s Day, take the reigns of confidence and ride it with pride.




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