4 Reasons Why People Smoke Even if it is Bad


4 Reasons Why People Smoke Even if it is Bad

Smoking has always been one of the few habits that have been around for decades upon decades but as our generation moves towards green living and clean eating, it is a strange conflict how more people are smoking instead. Shouldn’t we be more educated on the risks and effects of smoking that can potentially be permanently damaging on our overall well-being?

Let’s find out why people still smoke even If we are all well aware that it is malevolent to our health:


  1. Hedonism


As much as we are experiencing a shift into healthy living – exercising more, eating right and eating clean – we are also living in a generation of instant gratification and pleasures. Hedonism is essentially an ideology that happiness and pleasure is the most important thing in life – which is not a bad way to look at life; however, it can also lead to seeking quick fixes and wanting the fun but not the pain.


  1. Increased Stress


In our current generation, stress is becoming a daily emotion and people are finding more ways to cope with it and smoking happens to be one of the easiest and legal ways to handle it. Some say that smoking to relieve stress is a myth but nevertheless the idea of it is not stopping anyone from trying.


  1. Peer Pressure


The most common beginning of any bad habits derives mostly from peer pressure. Peer pressure is not something that ends in high school but subconsciously it follows us all the way – everywhere and at every age. As much as it sounds naïve and childish that one should succumb to it in adulthood, it is an inevitable truth that it still happens. Humans have an instinctual need for acceptance and approval from peers and fall into it to be a part of the pack.


  1. Trendiness


Smoking has been closely associated with the artsy-fartsy, creative type people and of course the cool, aloof type. We see them on TV and we see them in the movies and we subconsciously want to be just like them. We think that if we smoke, too, there is a possibility that we can look just as charming and sexy as they do. The constant bombardment of it on screen has created not only a trend but it has also instilled an idea that it is okay to smoke.


Smoking is something that is difficult to prevent even with the numerous campaigns and awareness going on. People are well informed but beyond that is the idea and perception one hopes to be. If you are one of them, realize that while you may be vain enough to want to look like you are interesting and have a personality, remember that you should also be vain enough to realize that smoking stains your teeth and kills your smile.


Find alternatives to solve your problems, not create more for your future.


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