Fathers Sacrifice Just As Much, Maybe More Than We Think


Fathers Sacrifice Just As Much, Maybe More Than We Think

Fathers are often overlooked in the subject of sacrifices because to many, we only remember the 9 months of pregnancy and the labour pains our mother has to go through for us. Sure, we mustn’t forget those moments our mothers have endured to bring us to this world but neither should we disregard the hardships fathers go through in the journey of our upbringing. More often than not, their deeds are gone unnoticed and sacrificed in silence.


  1. Fathers provide support


In a regular family, fathers normally take up the role as the sole provider and supporter not just to his family but ultimately to his wife. We may not see this but in the background, our fathers are working hard to keep the family afloat. Sometimes they don’t share their hardships with us like our mothers sometimes do, but they go through the same amount of pain and endurance our mothers do but in different ways.


  1. Fathers provide protection


We are all familiar with the game of hen, chicks and wolf – orbiting the idea of mothers protecting her brood. Yes, mothers are instinctually protective of her children but have we forgotten that fathers are just as protective of his family? In any dangerous situations and in any hiccups in our lives, fathers never fail to stand up for us and take the situation by the collar. There is always fearlessness in them to do whatever it takes to protect his family and we should always acknowledge that.


  1. Fathers provide rationality


There is an undeniable difference between men and women that I personally cannot argue with and that is women are more inclined to govern our actions based on emotions whereas men use logic. Of course, it can be a vague generalization but nevertheless, it is proven that most men lean towards practicality and rationality when it comes to dealing with problems. We all need this aspect in our lives to keep a certain balance and we should not forget to appreciate this trait that our fathers provide. In every situation, we may console to our mothers for emotional support but it tends to slip our minds that at the end of the day, we seek final decision making from our fathers.


  1. Fathers provide leadership


Our fathers carry a heavy responsibility in the family as the head of the house and it may seem like a regular role of paying bills and cleaning the porch but what we don’t see here is the everyday pressure of having to figure out what the next step for the family is. He is the person who needs to keep a check and balance of what needs to be fixed, what bills to be paid and how to get the financial means to support everyone’s needs. That’s a lot to think about and we should always remember the effort our fathers put in to keep our family harmonious.


Our fathers are amazing people who are constantly working for the betterment of our lifestyle. They support us and our mothers and want nothing but the best for us. Some fathers might find it harder to express their love for us as opposed to how mothers would but let’s never let their ego get in the way of our acknowledgement of their great sacrifices in our journey in life.


If you are a father, then give yourself a pat on the back for the great work you have done. It is not an easy job but for what it’s worth, you are doing all that you can to build a happy family.


Happy Father’s Day!


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