The Message Behind Puasa


The Message Behind Puasa

This tradition of fasting in our culture has become a norm every year. We recall the bountiful array of Malay cuisine spread across the tables at the Ramadhan bazaar and we take in all the aromatic flavours with no questions asked. However, have you ever stopped and wondered why in the first place do our Malay neighbours practice this act of puasa? What is the true meaning and message behind puasa?


  1. To achieve piety


The act of fasting is not merely abstaining yourself from food, water and vices but an act of connection to God. Without the spiritual connection, one cannot achieve piety – the ultimate goal of puasa. It teaches self-control and faith that one should draw strength from God and successfully go through the day with ease.


  1. To empathize with the hungry


Another purpose of puasa is to allow the opportunity to empathize with the poor and the hungry and to allow you to relate to them. It teaches you to be in control of your indulgence and to appreciate what you have at the table at the end of the day. Food is scarce to many and this teaches you the feeling of hunger many take for granted.


  1. To appreciate God’s blessings


Puasa is more than just a food festival of coconut infused rice and rendang, it is a religious act of realizing the goodness of God’s blessings and to appreciate the little necessities in life that are so often overlooked.


Puasa is a meaningful occasion for our Muslim friends and we should be supportive and respectful of their choices. It is such a beautiful act that one should sacrifice in order to honour God and it teaches such valuable lessons that people may or may not realize. Nevertheless, let’s appreciate this religious act and understand the true meaning of fasting.


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