Extinction is No Longer of the Past


Extinction is No Longer of the Past


It is a strange reality we are living in where the slow but sure depletion of our environment is nothing of the past but instead a current issue. We are witnessing anomalies in the weather and worst, we have just recently witness the extinction of the Western Black Rhino. It is a difficult fact to grasp – to live to see the extinction of a species – something we all probably thought only happened to Dodo birds. It is an even more heartbreaking fact that people are unaware of how dire the situation is right now with the continued poaching, whaling, logging and general globalization. We have to understand and be aware of the consequences of our actions and that it will directly affect us. If you are one of those that say “I don’t care about the environment” then I urge that you start because it is no longer a choice but a responsibility.


Here are 4 reasons why we should be aware and do the little we can to slow down the process of extinction in other animals:


1. Ecosystem balance
The food chain as we all know is an important aspect of our general well-being and should not be overlooked in the the midst of our hustle and bustle of life. Without certain species or with less or more of a certain species, the system could tip and things would go haywire just like the Great Barrier Reef. It is always a depressing sight to see the loss of nature and it should never come to an emergency situation before action is taken. One thing leads to another and one action affects another; so, it is important that we know that we as humans are all a part of this giant food chain be it in the jungle, forest or the desert. It is an inevitable truth, not a choice.


2. Conservation for future generations
Wouldn’t it be a shame if one day the only way we could show our children how a lion looked like is through an encyclopedia or Google Images? Wouldn’t it be heartbreaking that your children can never go to a zoo and witness for themselves the majestic trumpeting of an elephant? These issues are real and conservation is highly necessary. People need to be less oblivious about the situation and realize that it does play a part in your lives. Physical conservation may be beyond our reach but beginning by being aware of how important it is a great start and eliminate the mindset that nature is nature and human is human. We are all correlated in this cosmo and should do our part in keeping it in good shape.


3. Climate changes
The thing with environmental problems is that there is never one reason or cause to the negative effects such as extinction. With the recent hike in climate changes prior to increase in industrialization and globalization, global warming has become more apparent than ever and nature is having a tough time adapting. This results in the loss of habitat and changes in habitat and as you may have guessed – the loss of species. Not only will conservation and awareness aid in protecting the habitats of animals but it will benefit us in the long run with more stable and predictable climates.


4. The environment is our home
As cliche as this may seem but it is true nonetheless. The environment is where we live and without the trees, how will we even breathe? Without the balance of ecosystem, how will we even eat? It is important that we get these realities set into our minds that we are all living together in this big blue dot and what we do will bite us back if we don’t do it well. Extinction is becoming a reality and your favourite neighbours are in jeopardy, would you save them? We do not live here alone and should be considerate before we lose them forever.


The issue of extinction has become a grim reality with the recent extinction of the Western Black Rhino and the thought of not being able to see it again pains me. But before we lose more of our friendly neighbours, let’s be aware of the situation and never forget that we are all a part of this. No one is left out in the fight for the environement. It is not a choice you have to make, it is a responsibility bequeathed unto you.


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