What Colour Are You? None, You are Human

Racism has been one of the hardest battle to fight throughout all these years. For centuries, world leaders have been struggling to overcome this social issue and no matter how far along we have come in revolutionizing our society, racism never ceased to become a topic of history. It saddens me to see that the racism also has a snowballing effect from what seems to be harmless name-calling to inflicting wars. As exaggerated as that may sound, it is the truth. Why is it that we as humans find it so difficult to live with someone that is different from ourselves? Why is it that if such is present, we result to pointing out our differences rather than focusing on the one thing we ALL have in common – our species. It is the sole reason that draws and binds us together to create what we can proudly call our planet; we coexist so that we each can have a chance to survive. So, why are we disturbing this with rudeness and hatred?

If everyone, for a second, just think deeply about racism, you will soon realize that this entire social disruption is made solely by the hands of humankind itself. Isn’t that ironic? That humans should hate on one another for being..well, human? When you put that into such perspective, don’t you think that it stops to make sense why people are fighting over whose race is more superior than another?

As mentioned above, racism has been an ongoing battle for centuries and in so far, nothing has been able to completely eradicate this discrimination. So, how do we even begin? How do we even try to contribute in decreasing the effects? Here’s how we can try to overcome racism one baby step at a time:

1. Remembering our species

Let’s get a little scientific here and remember something very important that many people have overlooked over the course of life: we are made up of the genus Homo and the species sapien and this goes to ALL of us. No matter where we are and no matter who we are we are nothing more than our core species – the homo sapien. Now think logically about this: Why should the same species fight to eradicate each other? Wouldn’t that defeat the whole purpose of the circle of life? Exactly. We are no different from one another beneath it all so why the generalizations? No race is more superior than another and no race is less capable than another.

2. Remembering our bodies

Because racial discrimination has lead us all to focus on what our bodies are covered in, we have to once again focus on what is going on inside. There is no anatomy book that says that a Chinese is made up of 4 brain hemispheres or a Caucasian that is made up of 2 hearts – no. Essentially, we are all – ALL – the same. From dust to dust, from ashes to ashes, we will all be bones and in those bones, we can never tell what colour that person is but we will respect it for being a person anyway. Shouldn’t that be the logic of racial harmony? That we should respect someone because they are someone – not because of what colour their skin is or what religion they believe in?

3. Remembering to respect

Racism has not ceased to exist because we have not learnt to be truly respectful to one another – we are so caught up in trying to change someone’s mind about their own culture and condescending them about what they believe in that we forget that true harmony comes from respecting someone for their race and religion. We can no longer deny that the world we live in is a melting pot of diverse culture and religion but instead of sparking wars and racial slurs, why can’t we just embrace it? Why be hostile and violent when you can enjoy each others’ company and indulge in their beliefs? As mentioned above, let’s learn to respect each other for simply being human.

Racial discrimination is a painful truth that is happening every single day in every part of the world. What’s worst is that it is beyond name-calling and social segregation but it has brought to the extent of wars and wiping out of races. It is not something that you read about in random articles and it is not something that is probably affecting someone in an obscure land – no. It is happening right now and it has a horrible cause and effect.

Let’s do our part by being kind to one another and learning to acknowledge that beneath it all, we are all the same. We cannot change the way we look but we can certainly change the way we look at things.

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