Remembering Merdeka: What Happened to Unity?


Remembering Merdeka: What Happened to Unity?

Let’s not beat around the bush and get straight to the point: what happened to unity? What happened to the simple life of living together as one and not blame anything on anyone based on religion or race? Isn’t it strange how the closer we move forward towards a modern society, the further we are from a modernised perspective of oneness? Have we truly forgotten what our forefathers fought for? What used to be liberation and harmonious living is no longer in the picture and all we ever do now is discriminate each other for what we are.

In Malaysia, we are so fortunate to live with bright and colourful culture all around us. We are given the privilege to absorb the languages, the food and the lifestyle of each of our race and religion; so, why are we throwing that away and segregating ourselves just because we are made to believe that we are different?

It is our 57th Merdeka this year and are we any closer to a more united community? No. But because it is our 57th Merdeka, let’s take this time to reflect and to remember why we should stay united in the first place.


1. United we stand, divided we fall

As cliche as the saying is, it is not far from the truth at all. Based on recent events from election to both the plane devastations, we must remember that we do not live in the world alone – we live together and in order to survive, we must strive together. We are not building a Malaysia for ourselves, we are building a Malaysia for each other.


2. Malaysia is defined by us

We are the anak Malaysia that we so often learnt about at school – we are the people, the diversity of our country – we are the very definition of what Malaysia is. Let us not be blinded and fogged by the idealogies thrown at us that we are different because of how we look like and what or who we believe in. Let’s never forget that the beauty of our beloved country lies in its rich multi-cultural heritage – it is what we are famous for!


3. We are all the same

If you thought more closely about this, you will realize that this whole entire battle of superiority over one another is futile because when it all boils down we are all the same – nothing more than humans. When you shift your perspective this way, you will soon realize that through tragedies and through triumphs, we mourn and we celebrate together. We have seen this unity sporadically as we graze through election period and even through the country’s toughest times but somehow it dissipitates eventually and we are left calling each other names again. Why can’t we all learn from these situations and realize that the only way our country can flourish is if we work together?


It is time we as Malaysians must realize and be reminded that our differences may set us apart physically and culturally but regardless of our colour or our religion, we belong together in this giant family. Wherever we go we represent our country and we represent each other; if the country falls, we fall together because like it or not we are tied to our roots and no matter how far we run we cannot ommit the fact that this country – Malaysia – is the soil our roots feed from.


Let’s truly acknowledge the meaning of Merdeka and celebrate the freedom we have been given – not create shackles for each other. Selamat Hari Merdeka!

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