6 Foods Diabetics SHOULD Avoid


Diabetes is no stranger to us anymore. We are all well aware of its causes and on how to keep it under control but are we aware of the food we are taking? Most of us would associate diabetes with sugary foods and that sugar is bad for diabetics. While that may not be untrue, there are many other foods that diabetics SHOULD avoid that also contain other forms of sugar.

Here are 6 types of food that diabetics should avoid:

1. Candy

Of course, as we all know, sweets and candies have high processed sugar content that can be awfully bad for anybody with diabetes. This high sugar content can cause your blood sugar level to spike up and worsen diabetes complications.

2. White flour

White flour may appear harmless and unsuspecting but it plays a major role in foods diabetics should avoid eating because it is used almost everyday in our daily lives. White flour is basically a form of refined starch, and while you may wonder why it is in the list, it is because when our body digests white flour, it reacts the same way as sugar. It disturbs the glucose level in a diabetics body and can cause an increase in blood sugar level. Other foods such as white bread, white pasta and basically anything made with white flour should be avoided.

3. Fruit juice

For many, fruit juices sold at the supermarket or even some fresh fruit juices may appear to be a healthy option to soda but for a diabetic, it could affect their body just the same. Because fruit juices especially store bought contains a large amount of processed and refined sugar and majority does not contain the nutrients it describes. So, try to find alternatives to that instead.

4. Whole milk

Another unsuspecting food right here. Whole milk may not contain much sugar but it does contain a high level of saturated fats which can disrupts insulin resistance. Other dairy products such a cheese made with whole milk, cream cheese and full-fat yogurt should also be avoided and opt for reduced-fat instead.

5. Bacon

This is a rather sad reality but yes, bacon is not good for you if you have diabetes. Much like whole milk, bacon contains a huge amount of saturated fats and can risk your body of heart diseases which diabetics are easily susceptible to. If you need your meat, opt for leaner cuts of meat or simply go for chicken breasts or fish.

6. French Fries

As always, french fries or any form of fried food is known to be bad for you. However, if you are a diabetic, this is even more detrimental for you. Fried foods are essentially bad for you but french fries plays a bigger role in causing your blood sugar to increase rapidly because of its high refined starch content coupled with its high fatty content from deep frying.

While this list may apply heavily to diabetics, but it is also a great guideline for everyone to maintain a healthier lifestyle and can also be an good preventive measure to all. Food may be a form of expression and enjoyment but it is always important to know what you eat.


Image: by Daniel Horatio Agostini

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