The price of Kindness: What will it Cost us to be Kind?


In the current society we live in where social media updates are rampant, it is hard to miss the latest happenings- be it good or bad. I have noticed that with every good occurrence of a helpful person or a kind stranger, almost everyone would conclude it with “there is still hope in mankind” or “people like you are hard to come by”. Why is that? Why is it so difficult to find people who are genuinely kind? Is it really that difficult to be a good person?

We are definitely not bred to be selfish people and we are definitely not taught to be mean or hostile to others but it is an inevitable fact that the fast-paced, competitive environment has evolved us into creatures of selective kindness. But why are we letting that get in the way of allowing ourselves and others around us the privilege of a positive attitude?

If you need a reason to be kind, here are 3 good reasons why a little kindness goes a long, long way:

1. Experience genuine happiness

I may not be Gandhi but I know for one thing that I have experienced this feeling before: a surge of adrenaline and happiness knowing that you have done something nice for someone. Why would you reject doing something that not only has a positive effect on yourself but on others as well? It makes your walk lighter and it makes your thoughts brighter- need I say more?

2. Helping someone whose need we may not know

Often times we go by our day not realizing that someone around us- stranger or not- could be going through a tough day. Maybe they are reflecting on regrets hat they never got over or perhaps they got out of bed feeling the need for empowerment, we will never know. But one thing is for sure, a simple smile, a thank you or even a greeting can make someone’s day. It is not so much about going the extra mile but it is the simplest form of pleasantry that can help someone get through their day. It makes them feel welcomed, important and acknowledged. It really is THAT simple.

3. Simple because we should

To be honest, there shouldn’t even be the need to justify why being kind is necessary. After all, aren’t we all the same humans trying to pass through life at our best? We really need to stop finding a reason to be nice to someone but instead make it a point to do it because you can.

Kindness is no rocket science. We don’t need to calculate our risks against our gain and go through thorough research before we decide if we should be kind to someone. We can do it on our desks, on our way to work, at a restaurant- anywhere! All it takes is a smile, a gentle gesture and saying your P’s and Q’s. Will it cost you a fortune? Will it cost you your ego? No, kindness is free and it is free for all. Now, don’t we all love free stuff?

Be kind to someone today and always remember that you have no reason not to.

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