5 Cheerful Ideas to Spread the Christmas Joy


It’s Christmas again! How the year has gone by, hasn’t it? Christmas has always been the season of giving and everyone who celebrates finds themselves embodying this spirit and spreading the Christmas joy to the people around them. It is a beautiful celebration to remind us of what truly matters- the people we love.

Sometimes, Christmas is not all about giving big and expensive presents; sometimes, it simply is just the thought that counts. You do’t have to over-complicate things because Christmas is simply just about the act of selflessness- to give what you can to show someone you care.

Here are 5 ideas to spread the Christmas joy to the people around you:

1. Give a greeting card to a stranger

There is a sense of accomplishment when you have made someone’s day but being the receiving end, it is twice as ecstatic! The sheer surprise and the sheer excitement gives people hope that generous people still exist. It really doesn’t have to be lavish- just a simple card with a simple message to show that person that they matter. You can give this to the janitor at your workplace, the security guard, the lady at the post office- it really doesn’t matter so long as the gesture is brought forward.

2. Give a gift to an old friend

Do you have friend that you miss and have not spoken to in a while? Christmas is a great time to get in touch and show that you are still thinking about them after all these years. Think about something that you know they will love to show them that you still appreciate the friendship you once had.

3. Help someone with a task

Sometimes, giving doesn’t necessarily mean fishing money from your pockets- it could be giving your time to someone and helping them achieve something. If you have a set of skills and know someone who may need it, offer them your service for free or take some time to teach them. Again, it is not about anything fancy but to simply embrace the pure act of giving. You will never know whose life you will touch and how it can touch yours, too.

4. Smile to everyone

The Christmas joy is to bring smiles to people’s faces and what better way to do that than to physically smile at someone to let them know that you acknowledge their presence. It’s simple, it’s free and you use less muscle than when you frown! A simple gesture like this goes a long way and who knows, someone might really need it!

5. Thank the people around you

Your family and friend may know in their heart that you love them and that you appreciate them but there is nothing like hearing it for yourself how they really feel. Do not lose the need to let someone know that their efforts and their presence are important. Everyone deserves to be reminded and it feels good to know. Why keep the positivity in when you can share it?

Christmas is a beautiful season of happiness and warmth. Let’s spread the love together and watch how positivity can change the mood of our environment. Go forth and let everyone know that they are awesome!

Merry Christmas!

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