4 Thoughts to Reflect on 2014


Can you believe it? The earth has made its annual rotation around the sun- completing another cycle- yet, have we done what we are supposed to do within the last 365 days? What was your 2014 like?

We have returned to the point in time where we pause to check around us if where we are was where we intended to be at the beginning of the year. It’s time to do a simple annual review of the life we have left behind us before we enter into yet another new year.

Here are 4 thoughts you can reflect on just to ensure your direction and perspective have been in check:

1. What was my resolution this year, again?

We often begin our year setting goals for ourselves to achieve throughout the year but it is no surprise that along the way, life happens and we forget what they were. Worse, we may even put them off simply because we realize that we haven’t got “time”. Are you one of those who have a list of pending resolutions or have you at least achieved some? If yes, that’s amazing! If not, hey, it’s okay. Do yourself a favour and make a promise to do it next year. But don’t procrastinate! Whatever you can do now, can be done in this very moment.

2. Have I done enough?

Besides your yearly goals, do you have certain life goals? Do you have a direction in your life that you wish to move towards? For example, if your life goal is to travel at least once a year, have you made time for yourself to achieve that? Don’t ever forget that this life you are living is important and that finding time to make things happen is essential to a fruitful life. Life is meant to be lived not watched. Make it count!

3. Have I improved?

Goals are always great to have around to keep your vision in check but if that’s not your thing, you can ask yourself this: am I better than I was before? It could be in any aspect- personality, bad habits, knowledge- anything! Have you learnt to become a better person? Did you pick up a new skill and followed through with it? Find something about yourself that you feel has improved and keep at it! Don’t ever forget that in order to move forward, self-improvement is a great first step!

4. Have you let go of the past?

The past haunts us, there is no denying that. But let’s not forget that the past will remain in the past and taking it to our future brings no benefit except as a reminder to not repeat the same mistakes. If you have regrets or painful experiences, let them go. Move away from what holds you down and focus on how you can make your today better and your tomorrow brighter. The past is great to look back once in awhile but if what’s done is done, then it should be left behind. Carry the memories but not the emotions and move ahead towards a new year with a light heart!

There is a brand new 365 days ahead of us to be filled with good times and good vibes! Take what you can’t finish this year forward and finish it well. Make your year count and remember to only do things that make you happy.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Image: by Christopher Chan

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